Featuring a fast-paced, wildly funny and touching book by Rachel Sheinkin and a truly fresh and vibrant score by William Finn, this bee is one unforgettable experience. An eclectic group of six mid-pubescents vie for the spelling championship of a lifetime. While candidly disclosing hilarious and touching stories from their home lives, the tweens spell their way through a series of potentially made-up words, hoping never to hear the soul-crushing, pout-inducing, life un-affirming "ding" of the bell that signals a spelling mistake. Six spellers enter; one speller leaves! At least the losers get a juice box. A riotous ride, complete with audience participation, The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee is a delightful den of comedic genius.

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You are on page 1of 72 Search inside document A high school gym set up for a spelling bee. While adjusting the microphone RONA flashes back to the moment when she stood here as a contestant and spelled her winning word.

Please spellsyzygy. RONA Thank you. Thank you. RONA basks in the memory. She is jarred back to reality by Chips entrance.

As spellers arrive each checks in with RONA and receives a placard with a number. Coneybear runs in. Id like to take this moment to ask you to please turn off all cell phones and other distracting devices, and there are a few spellers who havent checked in please come right around this horseshoe and meet me by the piano. Im missing Rona calls names of audience volunteers individually And I need to have to speak with Miss Olive Ostrovsky. It seems we havent received your entrance fee.

RONA Did the school not tell you about the twenty-five dollar entrance fee-? Is your mom here maybe? Or your dad? Hes gonna try to come later. RONA Who brought you to the bee, dear? RONA All right. Well talk about the entrance fee later. Just watch what I do. And this year, to celebrate our silver anniversary, our local sponsors, the Putnam Optometrists, are offering todays winner a two hundred dollar savings bond toward his or her future education.

Unfortunately, our long-time word pronouncer, Superintendent Spriggs has fallen ill, so please join me in welcoming back Vice Principal Douglas Panch from Lake HemingwayDos Passos Junior High- whos been kind enough to step in, and save the bee. Its amazing what a change of diet can do for a man. RONA Wonderful. Peretti here is not only one of the top realtors in our county, shes also a former spelling champion herself.

RONA Third annual. RONA When the earth aligns with the moon and the sun. RONA Mr. Mahoney is doing his community service work with us here today. Now for the official spelling bee rules. With: Miss Schwartzandgrubenierre. May I please have the definition of that word? PANCH The inability of one eye to obtain binocular vision with the other because of an imbalance of the muscles of the eyeball. I suffer from strabismus, he said, whereupon the bullies beat him harder. This is her way to see the word before she speaks it out loud.

Coneybear was second runner up in the Putnam Basin district Phone rings. I got it! Hello, Leaf speaking. Uh, huh. Youre kidding? Im gonna represent the Basin in the bee? Wow, I cant believe it.

LEAF: I made the county finals in the spelling bee! What else can I ask? Dont look now Pedro but I think that tailless four-and a half foot rodent swimming next to you may be a capybara.

I cant believe it. May I have a definition? Audience comments rotate from list at discretion of actor playing RONA word eg: Umami from the Japanese def: a savory taste sensation produced by amino acids sentence eg: Mono sodium glutamate is pure umami. B is president of the Abstinence Club] word eg: haruspex def: one who inspects the entrails of dead bodies to foretell the future sentence eg: the haruspex industry suffered a death blow in with the banning of the inspection of entrails.

Lugubrious meaning extremely sad and droopy? One moment please. He spells it out on the floor so he can get a visual and then speaks it out loud. CHIP Thats so easy! Definition: The plural of the form.

A resident or inhabitant of Mexico. Many a Mexican Sentence eg: After surviving a near death experience, Mary walked wide-eyed through the streets, and for the first time noticed all of the Mexicans. Am I pronouncing that correctly? May I have the definition, please. PANCH either of two small square leather boxes containing religious texts traditionally worn on the left arm and head by Jewish men during morning weekday prayers. May I have a sentence, please?

Remember me? CHIP pointing to appropriate aud volunteer Wait a second, didnt [the guy with the head lice] just get Mexicans? But that would be wrong. RONA He rallies and nails it. Thats what it means to be champion. Schwarzy crosses to mic. RONA Miss Schwartzandgrubenierre has proposed a constitutional amendment lowering the voting age to ten. Can I have the definition of that word please? I think I studied this one with my dads. Its a very fast drill- he keeps them coming and she spells extremely quickly.

Logainne- are you concentrating? CARL Daddy conference. Whats it mean? Ive never heard this word before- and I have no idea how to spell it. Ive forgotten the word. RONA Dont be sorry, just turn and face us, now speak into the mic, now You know, this girl needs to learn how to stand like a champion! Hair away from the face. With this difference: Ask a child in a spelling bee if they expect to win, and boys and girls are trained to respond differently. Youre all going down, suckas!

And correct. Is that your sister? Barfee made it to the finals last year but had to be eliminated for health related reasons Momentary flashback BARFEE Were there peanuts in the brownies?

They said there wouldnt be no peanuts in the brownies! RONA Im glad to see him back and spelling so well. A highly seasoned rabbit stew, often served with sour cream? RONA Hes going for the foot. Shes on track to become the youngest high school freshman in parochial school history. May I have a definition please? PARK Thank you. CHIP Sorry is it my turn to spell? It refers to the sound of horses hooves.

CHIP Tittup. I reluctantly, but he knows it TU Oh wait. Two ts. I said both, right? I got it right. I cant get out on a word I spelled right.

I won last year. They dont yet know that the good dont always win, so theres nothing you can say to cheer them up when they lose.


Spelling Bee Script

In February , a workshop was done in which a first act and parts of a second act were created — this stage of the process was directed by Michael Barakiva and Feldman. The script was fleshed out and the show was given a fuller production in July , directed by Feldman and Michael Unger. Craig were added to the cast, and a full script was created. The musical opened Off-Broadway at the Second Stage Theatre on January 11, in previews, officially on February 7, , and closed on March 20, It starred Marina Prior as Ms.

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The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee



25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee Musical Lyrics




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