Samuramar If you utilize certain Switch features you can provide the following benefits to your network and end users: Data protocols operating window sizes greater that 18 kilobytes will not work efficiently with this setting. Supplied in PDF formatthis guide contains: Etwork Configuration Examples It has 33c modes: For examplesmart auto — sensing can detect network problemssuch as an unacceptably high error rate or a poor quality cable. Setting U P For Management This guide is intended for the system or network administrator who is responsible for configuringusingand managing the Switch. This method services both traffic queuesgiving to the high priority queue. No part of this documentation may be reproduced in any form or by any means or used to make manusl derivative work such as translationCampus Drive transformationor adaptation without written permission from 3Com Corporation.

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All rights reserved. No part of this documentation may be repr oduced in any form or by any means or used to make any derivative work such as translation, transformation, or adaptation without written permiss ion from 3Com T echnologies. These are shielded RJ data sockets. They cannot be used as standard traditional teleph one sockets, or to connect the unit to a traditional PBX or public telephone networ k. Only connect RJ da ta connectors, network te lephony systems, or network te The default state for these ports is auto-negotiation enabled, where speed, duplex and flow control mode s are negotiated.

Because the speed and duplex modes are fixed by the media type, only the flow control is negotiated with the link partner. Alte rnat ively , auto-negotiation can be disabled Yellow A 10 or Mbps link is present and the port is enabled. Redundant Power System Socket T o protect against internal pow er supply failure, you can use this socket to connect a S Bef ore insta Y ou must use the screws s upplied with the mounting brackets.

Damage caused to the unit by using incorrect screws invalidates your warranty. If you are placing Switch units one on top of the other , yo Y ou will then not be able to Ta b l e 6 shows possible colors for the LED. If a Unit LED is off, initialization is not complet If you want to make a connection to another MDIX port, you need a cross-over cable. Many ports on workstatio ns and servers are configur ed as MDI straight-through.

If you want to make a connection to an MDI port, yo This section applies to the SuperStack 3 Swi Attach a male dup lex SC connector on t he network cabl e into the duplex SC connector on the transceiver. However , to make full use of the features of fered by the Switch, and to change and monitor th e way it works, you have to acce ss the management software that r esides on the Switch. This is kn The whole setup process is summarised in Figur e 8. Detailed procedural steps ar e containe d in the sect ions that follow.

In brief, you need The Switch remembers the information that you enter until you ch ange it aga When using automatic IP configur ation it is important that the IP address of the Switch is static, otherwise you will not know what the IP address is and it will be di Y ou can then manually enter IP information using the web interface or Figure 9 Connecting a workstation to the Switch via a fr ont panel port T o connect the cable: a Attach an RJ connector at one en d of the Ethernet cable to the Netw If you have logged on correctly , a set of Getting Started pages are displayed.

At the Enter configuration method prompt enter manua This software allows you to communicate with the Switch via the console port directly , or through a modem. At the Enter configuration method prompt enter manual.

The screen prompts you to enter IP information. At the En Y ou can find pin-out diagrams for both cab les in Appendix B on page As soon as a network connection is made the Switch begins the aut omatic IP configuration pr A summary of the automatically allocated IP information is displayed.

Make a note of the Network IP Ad dre ss. The initial set up of your Switch is now complete and the Switch is r eady for you to set up your chosen management method. If you do Web In t er f ac e Management Each Switch has an inter nal set of web pages that allow you to manage the Switch using a W eb browser r emotely ov Setting Up Command Line Interface Management This section describes how you can set up command line interface management using a local console po rt connect ion or over the network.

CLI Management via the These features are enabled on a browser by default. Y ou will only need to enable them if you have changed your browser settings. Y ou can do this using the command line interface system There is also an explanation of IP addressing.

If the c onnection is secure and ther e is still no power , you may ha T o do this, remove and If your network has a For details on these options, refer to the Management Inter Follow all directions carefully.

Y ou must read the following safety Y ou can only remove power from the unit by disconnecting the power cord from the outlet. The conditions are only maintained if the e Never look directly at the fiber ports and fiber cable ends when they are powered-up. Weight: 2. W arranty and other service benefits are enabled thr ough product re gistrat If your product is r egistered and under warranty , you See R These limits are designed to provide reasonable protectio n against harmful interference when the equipment is operated in a co mmercial environment.

This equipment generates, u


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