President, if you lemerra agree with us that the unjustifiable destruction of this hospital was a big mistake, then why not rehabilitate it? The FDLR and its RUD-Urunana ally deposited letters and other notes for civilian populations before, during, and after attacks in which they explicitly warned people that they would be targeted or that further attacks would follow. The attacks in the area between Nyabiondo and Pinga were largely commanded by former CNDP officers operating under the command of the 2nd Operational Zone of North Kivu a designated military zone where operations were being conductedwhose headquarters was in Mushake Masisi territory. In interviews with Human Rights Watch, two of these civilians detained at different times and locations described similar practices used. They were initially arrested in Goma by soldiers in Congolese army or police uniforms who later changed into Rwandan acord uniforms before transferring the detainees to Rwanda.

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Voodoojora His regular presence in Goma and his repeated visits to troops on the frontlines all demonstrated he played an important role. The very soldiers tasked to protect Congolese women and girls were instead targeting them, sometimes accusing them of being FDLR wives or supporters. In total, the two groups numbered about 20 young women and girls. Amnesty International Earlier in the conflict, in October, Zairian doctors reported that members of the Tutsi-led armed group had killed 34 patients and accoed staff at Lemera hospital, about 60 kilometres south of Bukavu.

In the vast majority of cases, the combatants had temporarily retreated lemerw fled into the forests in advance of government or coalition soldiers arriving. Human Rights Watch has documentedthe deliberate killing of a further civilians between March and September She was with the FDLR for four months before managing to escape:. A young woman who had been married shortly before the attack told Human Rights Watch the horror of that day and the ensuing months:.

The definition of crimes against humanity has been defined as a range of serious human rights abuses committed as part of a widespread or systematic attack by a government or organization accogd a civilian population. Mwanza joins the team of doctors at the hospital Lemera shortly after completing his training at the University of Lubumbashi.

Soon after these messages were delivered, the FDLR launched several attacks on villages in the area, including the attack on Chiriba in May when 10 civilians were killed. For example, in Chambombo, in the Ziralo area, six soldiers stopped a group of four women returning from the market in Lumbishi in late March In the worst single incident, the FDLR massacred at least 96 civilians in the village of Busurungi, in the Waloaluanda area, on May Others were deliberately burned to death in their homes.

Following the departure of Rwandan troops on February 25 at the end of operation Umoja WetuRwandan and Congolese officials emphasized that the military operations were not complete. The FDLR entered a church compound in Busurungi and abducted and killed a local church official and his family. In an incident on February 6 in Bunje village, Kalehe territory, coalition soldiers killed a year-old man after gang-raping his wife and tying him up outside the house.

During the course of its research, Human Rights Watch documented over such cases. You could be killed any day, whether during the day or night. Ntaganda was made a general in the Congolese army.

The FDLR strategy of retaliatory attacks against civilians was clearly evident in threatening letters the FDLR wrote to local authorities, written announcements left on roads, public meetings FDLR commanders held with civilian populations, and in oral threats FDLR combatants gave to civilians.

Acts or threats of violence whose primary purpose is to spread terror among the civilian population is prohibited. It is possible that there are other and their names will be added in due course. Some were shot dead at close range while trying to flee. Une dizaine des femmes enceintes, divers malades qui ne accodr bouger de leurs lits et plusiers agents mdicaux taient lchement et sauvagement tus. While some civilians may have been caught in the crossfire during military confrontations with the FDLR, the cases documented by Human Accoed Watch in this report are those where civilians were deliberately targeted or summarily executed.

The widespread use of sexual violence as a weapon of war is a dramatic and appalling accorr of the military operations. The return of such a large number of combatants and civilians to Rwanda is significant. Responsible commanders should be investigated for ordering alleged war crimes and crimes against humanity, or as a matter of command responsibility.

On February 13, just after their departure, FDLR combatants attacked Kipopo at night, locking people in their homes and setting them on fire. Parfois manque dlectricit ou un groupe lectrogne, pour des oprations, il utilise deslampes tempte et parfois mme une lampe torche quand il ny a pas duptrole pour les lampes tempte, approvisionnement deau dtruits, des inutilisables installations hydrauliques, Parfois les malades se couvrent de leurs pagnes et vestes.

Congolese army soldiers also killed civilians in other areas where they conducted operations against the FDLR, including in several villages in southern Lubero territory in March and April; in Kalangita village in the Ziralo area, Kalehe territory, on September 27; and in other villages in Rutshuru, Masisi, Walikale, Lubero, Kalehe, Walungu, and Shabunda territories of North and South Kivu see annex for further details.

In Rwanda, growing restrictions on political space have promoted views among some Hutu, including those in the FDLR, that they have little or no say in Rwandan political life and that the Hutu population are being collectively punished for the genocide.

The change in military operations did not alter the tactics of the FDLR and they continued to attack and terrorize civilians. For instance, such a plan need not be adopted formally as a policy of the state. Fearful the accorr might shoot, local people handed over whatever they could to save themselves. The Hunde and Nande commanders were not offered equivalent command positions and remained outside the integration process, along with the majority of the Hunde and Nande combatants.

Within just two hours of their arrival, the coalition forces called a meeting at the local school, but as people gathered they began to shoot and kill civilians. As a result, the population has suffered from further poverty, accorr lack of supplies, and greater isolation in an already desolated area.

Mukwege qui tait par hasard Bukavu ce jourl est rescap. On September 28, a group of young women and girls were on their way to market in Nyabiondo to buy notebooks, pens, and uniforms for the start of the school year. In addition to information provided by Human Rights Watch, Murwanashyaka had access to information on FDLR abuses reported by others, including an October 15 report by the UN special rapporteur on extrajudicial executions that documented serious violations of human rights committed by his subordinates.

Nkunda also actively recruited combatants in Leemera. Related Posts.


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