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Adeptus Arbites are among the elite Imperial Human faction, giving them more toys and armour. They specialize in Close range and melee fighting. This makes him good in melee, but he can also be optimized for ranged combat. Can be accompanied by a cyber-mastiff to take wounds for him. Perfect to lead your Rapid Pursuit Teams. Marshal: A support-based and the cheapest HQ. Judges are for dueling Characters and vehicles, Marshal has the more important meta duty of making sure most of your army is rerolling their 1s.

Can Deny the Witch and has a badass psyber-eagle. Also really hates cowards Caterina Igazi: Warden of a Penal Colony who runs into combat with a bigass shield.

Buffs nearby shields and allows nearby units to perform Heroic Interventions. Also starts a with Arbites shotguns, but can instead be outfitted with boltguns for more range or shields and Maul for melee. The proctor can also swap his weapon for a power weapon or a Combi-gun.

Enforcer Cadre: Basic local enforcers. Penal Legionnaires: Back at it again! Similar role to Guardsmen Conscripts but better in a vacuum. Best when accompanied by a Penal Custodian for their morale problem. Good way to field a ton of cheap lasguns. Arbites Rhino: Your cheapest transport, gets your Footsloggers quickly in for melee or to claim objectives. Arbites Chimera: Rhino, but doubles as a light tank.

Arbites Repressor: Rhino with better guns and firing ports. Elites[ edit ] Penal Custodian: Arbitrator whose job it is to blow the heads off of the Penal Troopers who try to run.

Penal Legionnaires that fail a morale test within 3" of this guy take d6 mortal wounds instead of fleeing, likely saving more models as they die fast. Wanna drown the enemy in an ocean of tear gas? This is how.

Remember you can mix Special weapons and keep them near marshals for better accuracy. Shock Team: Arbitrator Melee Squad. Armed with shields and shock mauls, can upgrade to better shields and power mauls. Can also take melta bombs. Has access to needle weapons.

Good at eliminating support leaders. Cyber-Mastiffs: Angry Cyborg Dogs who love nothing more than chewing up criminals! Stick a cyber-construct handler next to them for an extra attack.

Mastiffs also can also act as a bodyguard for a nearby infantry unit, taking a mortal wound when your Judge takes a power fist to the face. They can replace their Teeth with Chainteeth, losing one attack to better maul Ogryns and Primaris Marines. One in three can be upgraded with a twin bolter. Suppression Servitors: What happens to the guys who incite riots? They help crush the next riot that comes along! Better Servitors that act as your heavy weapon squads. Cyber-Construct Handler: Tech-Priest assigned to the Arbites to watch over their servitors and cyber-mastiffs.

Arbites Chirurgeon: Just a field medic. Nothing special. Helps top off your characters or get back a slain special weapon. Rules so you can have him pal around with Eisenhorn if you wish! Shira Calpurnia: The other most popular Adeptus Arbites character ever! Rules so she can lead a squad or two of Arbites into combat. Operates as a fast-moving turret. Grenade Cannon: Mix of an anti-infantry grenade launcher or an Autocannon shot that slows a vehicle. Heavy Flamer: Lets you chew through infantry before going melee.

With the movement range, you could get within Flamer range and tie down some shooty SM with a Squad. Lascannon: only efficient platform you have that has a true anti-vehicle weapon. Should always take a few to take out tanks.

Plasma Cannon: a Lascannon cheap. Better at blasting TEU and Light vehicles. Remember to hold still near a Marshal when Overcharging. Rapid Pursuit Team: Arbitrators on bikes.

For when some moron decides to play Grand Theft Auto in the hive city. Can go mobile shooting with twin bolters and one special weapon per three bikers. Can take grenade cannons in addition to the usual heavy bolters and lascannons. Must shoot the closes unit appropriate to its weapon type. Arbites Chimadon: Back from 2nd Edition! A light tank variant of the Chimera armed with a battle cannon, Twin grenade Cannon, or Prosecution Flamer for the main weapon instead of a multilaser.

If within half range you can double the number of shots made by its turret weapon. Can you say 4D6 Heavy Flamer shots? Even better, Grav-Chute Deployment allows you to put anybody it can carry 9" away from the enemy Note: On the firepower side of things, hellstrike missiles are no longer one-use only but you can fire only 1 per turn.

When standing still, you hit on 2s. Although infantry is about all the Valkyrie is decent at dealing with. While taking the Lascannon and Hellstrikes essentially turns you into a flying Vanquisher, there are far better things your Valkyries should be doing although swapping out the Multilaser for a Lascannon only costs 10 points, and gives you some anti-tank punch to go with your hosepipe of S5 Ap-1 shots.

Note: The Grav-Chute deployment still only counts as a disembark from a transport, allowing you your normal movement afterward with your melta Execution Team. Ranged weapon[ edit ] Lasgun: on your expendable troops, gives the cheapest of mass guns.

Swap them out for Arbites Shotgun for longer range shooting. Good at dealing with GEU. Arbites Shotgun: The standard Arbites weapon, has S4. Mortiurge Shotgun: a assassins shotgun with a normal Arbites Shotgun mode or an assault 1 S5 Ap-1 mode. Can take on Judges and Cyber-Construct Handler. Special Weapon Flamer: An assault 1d6 S4 that autohits from 8" away. You cannot depend on this weapon alone to beat hordes like it used to with its average 3.

Heavy Stubber: 36" Heavy 3 bolter, cheap way to increase firepower. Sniper rifle: the weapon used to take out characters. All your HQs can take one, so if you plan on keeping them in the back, give them a rifle. Meltagun: Good against anything with lots of wounds, not just vehicles. S8 AP-4 D1d6 makes it more powerful than supercharged plasma and safe.

If you manage to get to within 6" and fire it, you roll 2D6 and take the highest. This improves the average damage to 4. Arbites grenade launcher: a variant of the Granade launcher with frag becomes Choke, and Krak missile becomes Lockdown which is a Krak grenade that reduces vehicle movement by 6d".

Ranged Weapons your character and Proctor weapon list. Flamer: clears out chaff and discourage close charges. Ignores BS penalty. Meltagun: how to put an Ant-Vehicle weapon on a character. Plasma gun: anti MEU, Overchearrg when on or near a marshal. Choke weapons: Tear gas in the 41st millennium.

Comes in hand grenade, grenade launcher, and grenade Cannon form. Arbites Grenade Launcher: a variant of the Granade launcher with frag becomes Choke, and Krak missile becomes Lockdown which is a Krak grenade that reduces vehicle movement by 6d".

Firesprite Needler: pistol 3. Combi-needler: Bolter with an Assult Needler. Power Fist: Sx2 AP-3, but forces a -1 to hit on the model using it. Good at putting big things down but needs transport as its only available on footsloggers. Pairs well then a unit charges from a transport and survive. Vehicle Wargear[ edit ] Augur Array: The vehicle may re-roll one hit die per game, at a cost of 5 points; with the vast array of other possible sources of re-rolls, this upgrade should be taken with a bucket of salt.



They have been granted the right by the High Lords of Terra to serve as judge, jury and executioner to any Imperial citizen they discover having broken Imperial law and the concept of due process is not one that generally applies in the Imperium. However, in those cases where Imperial law is unclear or the law breaker has committed a truly heinous deed or is of unusually high-ranking stature, the offended will be taken back to an Arbites Precinct House for judgement by an Arbites Judge, the sentence to be carried out immediately. Imperial justice is swift and sure, but not always just. Only through constant watch and the execution of brutal law can the Imperium survive, and it is the Adeptus Arbites who carry out this function. While the armies of the Astra Militarum struggle to hold back the aggression of alien empires and protect the worlds of Mankind from without, the Adeptus Arbites roots out rebels, recidivists, and threats to the stability of the Imperium from within. They operate as they best see fit, using their greater training and weaponry to tackle foes that might be beyond the scope of local Enforcers , or in many cases to deal with a planetary government which has itself become corrupted.


Codex - Adeptus Arbites

Some planets have only a single Arbites agent loosely overseeing all the planetary police. Planets that are especially important will have the Adeptus Arbites as their entire police force, such as Terra or Hyrdaphur. What is the Law? It has to be, due to the varied nature of the Imperium and its myriad of different people at large.


Adeptus Arbites

Whatever they are, all ten conversions are now finished — weapon arms attached and cables moulded. Adeptus Arbites I have seen that you and Panic are play testing tournament lits. It has adsptus nearly a year since my last update to the Codex. Malevolent — click to view full reply. This site uses cookies.


Suggested Codex for Adeptus Arbites Army?

A logical and professional-looking list. Thank you very much for your comments. They are greatly appreciated. I am glad my efforts, specifically to make a balanced list, have not gone unnoticed. So it stays - but feel free to call it black if you want

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