Purifying Fire. According to what is said in Pirke Aboth, viz. He that rejoiceth in his portion, cap. For so the true physician of impure metals hath not an outward show of riches, but is rather like the Tohu of the first Nature, empty and void. Which word is of equal number with the word Elisha, viz. For it is a very true saying in Baba Kama, fol.

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Purifying Fire. In Raja Meh. Let it be placed in a Sand bath in a Vial sealed. The second Week, one degree stronger; and the third yet stronger; and on the fourth, that the sand may not be red hot, but so that when Water is dropped upon it, it may hiss. Let this be purified thus: Take of the Crystalline Matter sublimed; Let it be ground upon a Marble, with an equal part of Calx of Luna, and let it be put into a Vial sealed, and set in a Sand bath again, the first two Hours with a gentle Fire, the second with a stronger, and the third with one yet more violent, and increased till the Sand will hiss, and our Arsenic will be sublimed again, the starry Beams being sent forth.

And since a quantity of this is required thou shalt augment it thus: Take six Ounces of this, and an Ounce and a half of the most pure Filings of Luna, and make an Amalgama, and let them be digested in a Vial in hot Ashes, till all the Luna be dissolved, and converted into Arsenical Water. Take an Ounce and a half of this Spirit, and place it in a closed Vial: Let this be put into hot Ashes, and it will ascend and descend; which heat continue, till it leaves off Sweating, and it lies at the bottom the Colour of Ashes.

Thus the matter is dissolved and putrefied. Take one part of this Cinereous Matter, and half a part of the aforesaid Water, let them be mixed and sweat in a Glass, as before, which will happen in about Eight Days; when the Cinereous Earth shall begin to wax white, take it out, and let it be imbibed with five Washings of its Lunar Water, and digested as before.

Let it be imbibed the third time, with five Ounces of the same Water, and coagulated as before, for Eight Days. The fourth Imbibition requires seven Ounces of the Lunar Water. And the Sweating being ended, this Preparation is finished.

Now for the White Work. Take 21 Drachms of this White Earth, 14 Drachms of the Lunar Water, 10 Drachms of Calx of most pure Luna; mix them upon a marble slab and commit them to Coagulation, till they grow hard; imbibe it with three parts of its own Water, till it hath drank up this Portion; and repeat that so often, till it flow on a Copper Plate, made red hot, without Smoke; and then thou shalt have the Tincture for the White, which thou mayest increase by the means aforesaid.

Thus this author. Let this be compared with the Writing of the Arab Philosopher Geber , where he writes very fully of the Arsenical Matter. Silver is referred to in Prov. Silver is also found allotted to each one of the Sephirotic Decad, thus see the c.

While Silver is compared with Chokmah, in Proverbs, c. Gedulah is manifest out of the History of Abraham, where Silver is always preferred, Gen, c.

Geburah is shewed, when Silver is put in the Fire, Prov. Psalm 66, v. Isaiah, c. Tiphereth is the Breast of the Statue, in Dan. Netzach is a Vein of Silver, in Job, c. Hod are the Silver Trumpets, Num.

Jesod is found in Prov. The Camea of this Metal represents nine times nine Squares, showing the same sum twenty times, viz. Psalm , v. This is that Male and Bridegroom, without whom the Virgin is not impregnated. He that knows his Rays, works in the Day; others grope in the Night.

And this is that Mystical thing, which is written, Dan. Let him eat Batsar, i. And indeed much Flesh, because the proportion of this, is greater than of that; and indeed such a proportion as Puk, that is , bears to Barzel ; such shall be the proportion of Iron to Antimony. For Enos and Moses in full writing by Gematria each give These things being done, the third Beast ought to be taken, which is as it were a Leopard, i. And the Beast had four Heads; in which Words are understood four Natures lurking in his Composition, i.

And power was given him over the other Beasts, i. From all these are made one Fourth Beast in the 7th verse, which is frightful, terrible, and very strong: For it casts forth so great Fumes, that at some times there is Peril of Death, if he be handled at undue time and place. And he hath great Teeth of Iron, because this is one of the Parts and Materials compounding it; Eating and Breaking himself, and others to pieces, and Treading the Residue under his Feet.

That is, of a Nature so violent, that by many bruisings and tramplings, he is as it were tamed at length. And he had ten horns, because he hath the Nature of all the Metallic Numbers. A little Horn, etc. Thus far the Preparatories. And now the Beast is to be killed, and his Body to be destroyed and delivered up to the Fire to be burned, etc. For now follows the Regimen of the Fire.

Concerning which elsewhere. The Sword of the Illustrious Naaman is also related to the word Barzel. By the Fornicators are understood the Masculine Arsenical Sulphur, and the feminine dry Water unduly mixed, together in the Mineral. By the Spear of Phinehas is meant the Force of Iron acting upon the Matter to cleanse it of Dross: By which Iron, not only is the Arsenical Sulphur killed, but also the Woman herself is at length mortified; so that the Miracle of Phinehas may be fitly applied here.

See also the Targum on this Place, i. For the Nature of Iron is wonderful, as its Camea whose lines add up to 65 each way shews. It is here given: the Number 5, and its Square i.

Alchemical texts.

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Aesch Mezareph

Purifying Fire. But he that will be curious, may find, that Hod has a special Decad. So also in the History of Brass, from the Law, he may easily gather a Decad. For may not that Oblation in general from which afterwards Vessels were made for the Tabernacle, Exodus, c. Doth not the Laver of Brass, Exodus, c.


L’Aesh Metzareph ou Le Feu Purificateur 1

Purifying Fire. So that, 1. Chethem, that is, pure fine Gold, is referred to the Kether thereof; which, Canticles, c. II, is referred to the head. Batzar, Gold, is referred to Chokrnah, as though laid up in strongholds, Job, c.

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