Jahrhunderts f. Das Kommando unterzog alle drei Palazzi des Grafen rigorosen Razzien , blieb aber erfolglos. In den Jahren danach erfolgte eine Restaurierung durch ein spezialisiertes Labor in Grottaferrata , wo er zudem neugebunden wurde. Die drei Handschriften wurden in den Bestand der Nationalbibliothek in Rom mit einer jeweils neuen Signatur als Vittorio Emanuele , , aufgenommen. Im Rahmen des

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Good to see him working with Wilhelm again and getting himself in a lot of bother this time. Bryce reviewed on Aug. This is very clever how it happens. More funny lines in this book which made me laugh and some very serious situations. More action and analysis as the Inspector moves forward with his investigations. A very clever man. Good to see Wilhelm and Catalina again and I hope they finally get married. Having read the previous books in the series, I have come to see the inspector as an old friend.

I find him charming in a rustic fashion. To the point, he delivers some great one-liners, in the wrong place and the wrong time, endearing himself even further to me. I marveled at the good inspectors ability to drink copious amounts of coffee while eating great food. I had to fight the urge to raid the fridge and put on the espresso machine. Hmm, what are you talking about I hear you say?

And, so it is. However, I am not going to say too much more. The book is full of suspense and intrigue and will have you guessing as to what is going to happen next, right up to the end.

The third book in this series was a pleasure to read. Quite exciting about the aesinas codex and its whereabouts. The inspector has a sharp eye. I can understand why the inspector hates Nazis, he really wants to be out there killing vampires.

Interesting conclusion to the book, I hope there will be more. More places and more problems for the inspector. I found it quite exciting and the surprises kept coming.

Some funny parts again which seems common in these books. Very enjoyable. A lot of mystery and some very clever deducting by the inspector. I like both him and Wilhelm, they work well together. Another great story and I hope and wait for another book. A lot of story between finding the codex, hunting vampires and stopping the fourth Reich.

I like the Inspector very much and I found out more things about him in this book. Great to see familiar characters again especially Wilhelm, he seems a nice young man. Such an easy read, funny, sad, scary and delightfully surprising. I feel sorry for Inspector Martinelli with everything he has to go through. Again Linda has put in some very funny lines.

I liked it when the Inspector got Wilhelm half drunk. Very funny. On a serious note, the Inspector has to find this Aesinas Codex so that they can find these horrible vampires. They finally find out their location and then go after them. It gets quite serious for awhile there. I love this series and I really like the inspector.

Another great story and I hope there will be more. I want to know what happens with Sofia Graeco too. Another great story with lots of mystery, lots of humour and some very scary parts. Martinelli has to find the Aesinas Codex then he has to deal with some nasty vampires and on top of everything they want him to find out who is leading the fourth Reich.

A lot of work for one man but he gets the job done. Wilhelm and the nun are back in this story which was great to see. A lot of story which I really enjoyed. The inspector is a very likeable man and a great investigator, although his dreams help him along with the investigations. I thought it was funny that he hates Nazis more than vampires but he wants to get out there hunting. Totally different from the previous two books but familiar characters appear again. I really like Wilhelm and Catalina but the Rome police are something else.

First he has to search for the aesinas codex, then go after vampires before stopping the fourth Reich. Great story and heaps of it. Her main character has evolved nicely through each book and I find him to be a unique and fascinating individual. He interacts more with the pontiff in this story which ties in nicely in regard to the Aesinas Codex.

I enjoyed the overall plot, his solving of the missing Codex and his confrontation with the vampires. The light humour scattered through the story and the urgency to find the Codex and solve the mystery worked very well together.

His analysis of information regarding the fourth Reich and how he dealt with the problem, showed the author has a wonderful understanding of detective writing.

I highly recommend this series, it was an absolute pleasure to read.

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Codex Aesinas

Contents[ edit ] The Germania begins with a description of the lands, laws, and customs of the Germanic people chapters 1—27 ; it then describes individual tribes, beginning with those dwelling closest to Roman lands and ending on the uttermost shores of the Baltic, among the amber-gathering Aesti , the Fenni , and the unknown tribes beyond them. Tacitus says chapter 2 that physically, the Germanic peoples appear to be a distinct nation, not an admixture of their neighbors, since nobody would desire to migrate to a climate as horrid as that of Germania. They are divided into three large branches, the Ingaevones , the Irminones , and the Istaevones , deriving their ancestry from three sons of Mannus , son of Tuisto , their common forefather. He mentions chapter 8 that the opinions of women are given respect. In chapter 11, Tacitus describes a form of folk assembly rather similar to the public Things recorded in later Germanic sources: in these public deliberations, the final decision rests with the men of the tribe as a whole. Tacitus further discusses the role of women in chapters 7 and 8, mentioning that they often accompany the men to battle and offer encouragement.


Germania (libro)



The Aesinas Codex


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