Mezilabar The price is RSD 3. Alekssndar the exhibition, the visitors will be able to get familiar with the designers, and take photographs beside the trees. Within the exhibition, well-known designers exhibited their hand-made Christmas trees with characteristic motifs. The conference was anticipated by an activity to grant books free imsiragc charge in the City of Novi Sad, which was organized with collaboration from Novi Sad city transportation company GSP. In this Daily care centre we also encountered a father who had been driving his son from Ada to the Centre for over a decade, thus travelling eighty kilometres every day just in one direction!

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Sar For less than 10 years, Israel completely changed its economy profile, and today is, alongside all challenges of economic slowdown and hostile surrounding — the 25th economy in the world, with If you visit your favourite Stadion Shopping Mall, you can enjoy festive atmosphere and shopping, because until December, 31st you will be able to socialize every day with Santa Claus, the elves, and princess Elsa. The conference gathered distinguished writers, publishers, journalists, book critics and book store owners.

Here you can find some of the programme details, and over the upcoming weeks we will publish more information at the Web portal www. December, 9th Sweet roulades for the end of the year: Owing to support provided by the Ministry of Health, the number of transplantations has been raised, and over the last five years, it reached At the end of the conference performed Choir Glee Srbija, a non-profit organization which free of charge gathers and educates young singing talents.

They expressed dissatisfaction with the treatment that the country is exercising towards entrepreneurs in terms of taxes. This performance speaks in the name of multiculturalism cherished in Vojvodina Province.

Throughout the fourth panel: MK Mountain Resort offers to the participants daily half-board accommodation at the price of EUR 25 per person, which will additionally motivate many participants to spend the holidays in April-May enjoying attractive scenery at Kopaonik, surrounded by creative people from around the region. Aleksandar Imsiragic Tajne stepena zodijaka June, 5th Take a look at alekssndar account of an adventure taken by our first participants: On trends in telecoms, social networks, international relations, protection of copyright, media, advertising and digital communications, spoke the distinguished speakers from the entire SEE region.

More information is available at the Web Site: This application is somewhat of a SOS service to report online violence. Young professionals who returned to Serbia and those who do not want to return share their experiences. Overall rise is 7. Take a look how the gathering looked like:. After this pleasant surprise, the panel discussion was held, including: Over a course of time, dialysis does not aleksanadr good results for the patients, because kidneys remain damaged, whereas with transplantation a better quality of life is enabled.

Branko also presented the young Culture Ambassadors, who started their activities last year. Throughout three days, citizens of Novi Sad spotted to read books while using the public transportation, were granted over three hundred new books. The next destination which this gastro caravan will visit is Novi Pazar.

The Congress gathered over delegates from six continents, including CEOs of the largest publishing houses on the planet: Amongst celebrities for whom Vukojev prepared food over the last ten years is also the Russian aleksanxar Vladimir Putin. Prestigious awards were granted in the following categories:. Internet economy conference NovaEnergija at Kopaonik!

For that we have to fight, and women must get free IVF attempts. Participants, experts and celebrities tried to provide them advice about how to choose future job vocation, and answer their questions about bulimia, anorexia and sexual education. During three days, visitors enjoyed promotions, animations, workshops and entertainment programme. Take a look how the gathering looked like: If you wish to be a part of our school, and open entirely new cooking horizons, together with top class chefs, please submit an application HERE.

Young panellists presented their incredible successes, and medals won at various competitions from the field of computer science, robotics and mathematics. We have got two lakes, and one of them is completely dead — the Dead Sea, whereas the other one is imsirgaic — Sea of Galilee.

After this visit, we moved on to Futog, where the Shelter for the homeless is located. The models wore outfits provided by the following brands: All big Croatian companies imsiragoc invited to auction for unique Christmas trees, whereas the entire income will be donated to associations the designers choose.

Diplomats, ambassadors, journalists and wine experts relished the wines produced by six local wineries: The objective of the Daily care centre employees is to provide social inclusion: Answers to this question, throughout various subjects, were provided by numerous guests from Serbia and the entire SEE region.

Aleksandar Imsiragic — Tocak Sudbine II What have we learnt from the migrant crisis Participants: When she received a vaccine, for a long time she had a high temperature which we could not lower, and insiragic ear nerve was burnt. Together with a music star Niggor, the panellists talked about their successes, how they were acquired, what they consider successful, and what not, and also about what it takes for somebody to be successful. After the official opening, a cocktail was organized, and guests enjoyed the paintings, i.

People are our greatest treasure! Last night in Sombor, fifteen modern photographers from Serbia were xleksandar. The conference once again imsiragkc the issue of importance of prevention and preventative examinations for young people, which is a taboo topic not discussed publicly. Those are just some of the themes that will be discussed by over 1. Over sixty participants from the entire region took part in discussions grouped in seven panels, whereas the halls in Matica Srpska Gallery and Pavle Beljanski Memorial Collection were full.

January, 6th December Whose influence it receives — and how? Most Related.


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