Focus on solid-state operation. Non-Contact Safety Sensors use RFID technology to generate a signal that determines if the sender and receiver are within range of each other—up to 13 mm. These devices are ideal for detecting if doors, gates, guards, or panels are properly closed, preventing access to dangerous areas of a machine or system. Eliminates mechanical wear. Sensors based on RFID technology provide a mechanical-free operation without wear and tear on the components.

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Their personal value added services further enhance the connections to the three national networks, as well as providing free, independent and qualified advice.

Autopage offer connection to the Vodacom, MTN and Cell C and Neotel networks, with a choice of special offers and packages for customers to choose from, including Top-Up packages, Data packages and BlackBerry packages. The pre-paid options provide control over spending and freedom from a monthly contract, with virtual recharge systems such as ATM and internet banking and the eTopUp option, which is a PC based virtual voucher system used by wholesalers or retailers.

The benefit of contract packages includes lower airtime rates as well as extras such as itemised billing, caller line identification and a fixed amount of airtime. Additionally, customers can choose a Hybrid airtime package which allows them to cap the monthly airtime usage, but purchase additional airtime should the cap be reached before the end of the month. The TopUp is purchased simply with the charge for the purchase reflecting on the following months account, without the need for upfront payment.

All handsets and accessories provided by Autopage carry warranties from the manufactures as well as a service level agreement with each of the manufacturers to provide the best service possible to their customers. Autopage Cellular also offers all their subscribers a vast range of choices in terms of technological and data support to assist with setup and installations.

Their dedicated group of trained professionals assist subscribers in their technological queries and advice on the best packages and hardware to suit their requirements. The selection of packages offered by each provider is enhanced further by the personalised services from Autopage to provide a customised package that suits the needs and requirements of each customer.

Customers can choose from their preferred network or find a package from Autopage that suits their budget and communication needs. All three cellular networks offer a wide choice of contract packages to suit individual and business needs each with their own benefits and special offerings with top end packages including the latest BlackBerry packages from Vodacom, MTN and CellC. All these packages are available on a 24 month contract and offer the ability to purchase additional airtime whenever the need arises.

All three networks offer Pre-paid solutions which allow users the freedom of controlling their airtime usage each month without the limitations of a contract. Vodacom, MTN and CellC offer a choice of pre-paid options with varying call rates between networks and at specific times of day.

These packages often include bonus airtime and special off peak rates with all three of the service providers offering regular competitions and special offers throughout the year.

Autopage cellular offers customers a way of connecting to any of the top cellular providers with the additional benefits and specialist services Autopage has to offer. Their technical, repair and advice services add value to the existing products on offer from the major service providers to ensure Autopage customers are getting the best there is available. Related terms: Autopage.


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