Arashiktilar Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. Ejike Odo marked it as to-read Feb 25, The objective is to give the communication engineer the ability to predict the performance of a communication link colkin to appreciate the tradeoffs between antenna gain,receiver noise figure,and transmitter power. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

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Figure 0. Required concepts from. Davies, K. Signal Process. Collin Antenna. Collin, Antennas and Radio wave Propagation. Microstrip patch antennas.

Terrestrial Propagation. In its present form, it is suitable not only as a graduate level text, but also as a reference book for industry and research use. The area of radiowave propagation and smart antennas is highly interdisciplinary, extracting material from electromagn- ics, communications, and signal processing.

This book is useful to workers in electromagnetics who would like to supplement their background with relevant communicational aspects and to workers in communications who would like to supplement their background with relevant electromagnetic aspects.

Anyone with a basic understanding of probability, wave propagation, digital com- nications, and elementary signal processing should be able to appreciate the contents of the book. The book consists of nine chapters with several worked out examples d- persed throughout. Chapter 1 covers the basics of cellular communications. Chapter 2 covers the basic principles of electromagnetic wave propagation relevant to path loss predictions in wireless communications.

Students with little prior background in electromagnetics should find the first few sections of Chapter 2 self-sufficient. Empirical path loss models that are used in system design are treated in Chapter 3. The chapter includes the traditional models as well as some of the newer models. Chapter 4 has a thorough discussion on the causes and characterization of small scale fading. The topic of spatial c- relation that is very important for antenna arrays is discussed there in detail.

Author by: E. Vereshchagin Languange: en Publisher by: Format Available: PDF, ePub, Mobi Total Read: 14 Total Download: File Size: 54,6 Mb Description: Contents: Basic properties of antennas and radio waves; Antenna-feeder arrangements; Propagation of radio waves and application of them for radio communications; General form and basic data of certain antennas; Intensity of field of surface radio waves depending on distance and working frequency for calculated antenna; Radio weather forecast.

The theory has been written in a simple and easy-to-understand language. Lots of worked-out examples as well as diagrams in 2- D and 3-D have been included to illustrate the principles clearly. It is hoped that these features help the students to grasp the theories involved easily. Features Provided solid grasp of the subject. Every concept is explained in detail with 2 dimension or 3 dimension figures wherever necessary.

Every chapter is fortified with lots of worked examples. Each chapter ends with review questions and exercise problems to allow the student to test their understanding of the material covered. This book contains chapters that explain how the ultra-wide band technology affects various aspects of personal communications.

It covers important innovations such as wireless local networks, personal networks, and MIMO techniques. Author by: Eugene I. The book is conceived as a textbook for serious technical and classical universities in the considered themes. Nevertheless, it can be used, of course, as the reference book for wide group of engineers, researches and practical experts.

Material of this book is divided into four main parts connected between them. The first part Fundamental of Electrodynamics is devoted to explanation of Maxwell equations and methods of its solutions. Sano Motoharu No Damage Rar there. Besides classical interpretation the generalized equations are discussed, which take into consideration the scalar magnetic fields.

New approaches allow description of so-called longitudinal electromagnetic waves, which have the absolutely non-standard propagation properties, and permit to explain various electrodynamics paradoxes, which cannot be explained in another way.

The main characteristics of wave processes in the free space and in transmission lines feeders are described. The second part Radio Wave Propagation investigates the obvious patterns of diffraction and interference phenomena at radio wave propagation for the obstacle presence in the propagation track, which is typical for all practical situations.

Radio wave propagation of various frequency ranges is fulfilled separately taking into consideration the specific features of reflections from the atmosphere parts, attenuation in different media, types of propagating waves, multipath effects, diffraction and non-standard conditions of obstacle overcoming including non-usual ways of atmosphere ducts.

The third part is devoted to description of various types and antennas, beginning from simplest vibrators and ending by complicate adaptive antenna arrays. Description is fulfilled on the reviewing level with many obvious figures, not to rely on strict mathematical methods, but rather on the concept level.

These results have in many aspects the pioneer character and they are not widely known to experts. Distinctive feature of the offered book is sufficiently simplifies description of the very complicated electrodynamics problems available for the modern students and for young engineers.

Of course, it is impossible to deal without mathematics in theses areas but required mathematics can be replaced by the many patterns, which give the chance to understand problems and to determine the complex questions. Adobe Flash For Os Author by: Artem Saakian Languange: en Publisher by: Artech House Format Available: PDF, ePub, Mobi Total Read: 12 Total Download: File Size: 49,8 Mb Description: Written for professional engineers and students who specialize in antenna, communication and radar systems, this authoritative book provides a thorough introduction to the basic principles of electromagnetic wave propagation of radio frequencies in real-world conditions.

It serves as an invaluable daily reference for practitioners in the field and also as a complete, organized text on the subject. This comprehensive resource covers a wide range of essential topics, from the classification of radio waves, electromagnetic wave theory, and antennas for RF radio links. To the impact of the earth surface on the propagation of ground waves, atmospheric affects in radio wave propagation, and radio wave reception.

The book is packed with over 1, time-saving equations and key discussions are supported with more than illustrations. Author by: John A. However, it provides sufficient detail to allow those concerned with wireless systems to acquire quickly a practical working knowledge of the important concepts.

Radio wave propagation is placed in a practical context by considering the design aspects of communications systems at microwave frequencies. A fuller consideration of the electromagnetic properties of materials is given late in the book rather than as an introductory chapter. Thsi title covers contents related to antenna arrays. It examines more than common antenna working behaviour questions. It clarifies what you need to know about antenna arrays in a 3D manner and various arrangements.

Unlike other books available, there is more emphasis on mathematical explanation in addition to physical understanding. Physical principles are explained in detail with clear diagrams to support the theory. Posted :.





Solutions Manual To Accompany Antennas And Radiowave Propagation


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