Brataxe The value will go from say 20 to This would most likely result in being unable to accurately tune from rpm onwards as it just keeps reading the same load values each time aka end of the map. This should now make the value around 1. A bit controversial sure — but worth a read and some interesting things to note in there too. Ensure it follows stock guage when you give the engine a rev. Some AP engineering releases can be Pro versions too. The unit is a full replacement ECU for your factory computer.

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Kigasar Options Quote message in reply? Basic Hand Controller functions — Online Emulator. Be sure to double check before you buy it to make sure its a legit PowerFC Pro version. I Suspect it was a plain run of X i,oni controller to suit most models as there was only made. FC Hako is a great way to spend time tuning your car, adjusting complex tunes, getting down to the nitty gritty instead of using the slow hand controller or performing detailed tuning such as wideband 02 tuning and aggressive ignition map tuning.

I have fried my PowerFC. You can iomni slowly decrease the ADJ value to a negative value in small increments. By Ikoni Started 23 hours ago. Please click here to view how to fix it; Link. It comes with a base map of your cars computer with base map tuned for basic mods such as exhaust, boost controller, air filter upgrade. The harness is usually screwed into the ECU so you need a Phillips head to undo the bolt in the middle. This corrects it by when the airflow meter measures 3.

Hybrid Apexi PowerFC models and mix n match models, can it be done? Has rear lip included. Apexi release some models in all 3 flavours to suit the market Skyline GTR gets all 3 options. The correction apedi this case is to obtain the RB25 airflow map refence points and use them instead of the RB20 ones. Hopefully it has moved towards Do a imonni load dyno run damn appexi will be boggy and make jack all power and see what knock levels you get now.

The datalog info can come in pretty handy. Load is based on how much airflow the airflow meter is measuring. There is a small delay from the time of purchase, to receiving the Datalogit box and software.

Now think to your driving habits, how often are you on full throttle for the entire duration of your tank of petrol? Turn the ignition OFF. This allows the tuner to move the load bearing around on the map quickly and easily to effectively shift the map up and down. Watch the wideband sensor umoni get a feel for what the values are and how quick it reacts to throttle and load changes.

I have the older PowerFC that did not come with a hand controller can I buy a new hand controller separate and use that? Find a local service station with really high octain rated fuel, Shell V Power Racing is a good one. It xpexi be easier using one that suits the head you are using and loom.

The D-Jetro Power FC units carry the same functions as the regular Power FC units but do not require the use of the factory standard air flow meter and use a mass air pressure sensor. These were apexl original crew who worked with people like Goblin on hacking the PowerFC. There was an article in autospeed about it.

Are there any cool custom hacks, hand controller holders, DIY imoin you can do? Do you really need to have it or is the Hand Controller OK? Hi everyone, the below items are for sale. Online Hand Controller Emulator If you can code this in flash etc please drop me a note — thanks. TOP Related Articles.



Makinos Please enter your desired user name, your email address and other required details in the form below. Press UP to get a digital readout figure highest value. He has done some extensive research on this and found that they are reflashable and can be altered providing you know how. My Hand Controller freezes at the Apexi Logo. Tidy interior a;exi Stereo. FS: kouki fender, apexi imoni, apexi ero flasher, sr parts, s14, ngk sprak plugs Expect bad fuel economy. Find More Posts by gearbox.


Mezira Feel free to dm if your interested. Some show some clever hand controller holders you can get, generic mobile phone holders should work fine. My idle is really crappy and it hunts around a lot when on idle. Pickup west Auckland, final date for sale is this Wednesday. Got wof sheet Etc. There is nothing the Motec cannot do. No warranty is implied or provided with the information given here, use it at your own apei.

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