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Rapidly Variable Fields. The Electrodynamic Potentials A. The Retarded Potentials C. Specialization for Periodic Processes D. Application to the Theory of X-Rays Longitudinal and Transverse Components B. The Rayleigh Resistance of a Wire E.

The Alternating Current Inductance F. The Field of the Coil B. The Multilayer Coil The Problem of Waves on Wires A. The Field within and outside of the Wire B. The Boundary Condition at Infinity C. The Boundary Condition at the Surface of the Wire Magnetic Waves C. Asymmetric Waves of the Electromagnetic Type D. Wire Waves on a Nonconductor On the Theory of Wave Guides The Exterior of the Wires C. The Interior of the Wires D.

Theory of Relativity and Electron Theory The Four-Potential B. Relativistically Invariant Three-Vectors The Relative Nature of Time C. The Lorentz Contraction D.

The Einstein Dilatation of Time E. The Addition Theorem for the Velocity F. Preparation for the Electron Theory A. The Transformation of the Electric Field. Preliminaries Regarding the Lorentz Force 2 B. Retarded Potentials The Field of the Accelerated Electron A.

Electron in Uniform Motion B. The Accelerated Electron C. The Longitudinally Accelerated Electron Relativistic Mechanics A. The Equivalence of Energy and Mass B. Relationship between Momentum and Energy C. Gravitational and Inertial Mass B.



Peierls Archived at the Wayback Machine. Kemble[28] William V. He invited collaboration from them, and their ideas often influenced his own views in physics. Electrodynamics: Lectures On Theoretical Physics — Arnold Sommerfeld — Google Books Arnold Electrodynamcs Wilhelm Sommerfeld — On 1 April Sommerfeld achieved emeritus status, sommerefld, he stayed on as his own temporary replacement during the selection process for his successor, which took until 1 December His Sommerfeld identity and Sommerfeld integrals are still to the present day the most common way to solve this kind of problem. Over his 32 years of teaching at Munich, Sommerfeld taught general and specialized courses, as well as holding seminars and colloquia. This appointment provided enough income to eventually marry Johanna.


Arnold Sommerfeld

His dissertation advisor was the mathematician Ferdinand von Lindemann , [3] and he also benefited from classes with mathematicians Adolf Hurwitz and David Hilbert and physicist Emil Wiechert. He completed his obligatory military service in September , and for the next eight years continued voluntary eight-week military service. With his turned up moustache, his physical build, his Prussian bearing, and the fencing scar on his face, he gave the impression of being a colonel in the hussars. The first two volumes were on theory, and the latter two were on applications in geophysics, astronomy, and technology. This appointment provided enough income to eventually marry Johanna. At Aachen, he developed the theory of hydrodynamics , which would retain his interest for a long time. Over his 32 years of teaching at Munich, Sommerfeld taught general and specialized courses, as well as holding seminars and colloquia.

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