As a physical therapist, Bill has worked in a variety of settings with a specialization in orthopedics and sports medicine. He has received advanced training in treatment of spinal disorders to include spinal mobilization, treatment of lumbo-pelvic disorders, shoulder rehabilitation, knee rehabilitation, core conditioning, and treatment of soft-tissue disorders. Bill is also an Active Release Techniques Practitioner, with credentials to treat upper extremity, lower extremity, and spinal disorders. A lifetime athlete, Bill has been competitive in the sports of javelin, collegiate football, bodybuilding, and powerlifting. He has been a contributing writer to numerous magazines and created multiple DVD sets.

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Happy New Year, everyone! In true "Random Thoughts" fashion, here we go: 1. Nate Green just interviewed me for what I think will be a great feature at T-Muscle in the next week or two.

It will be similar in structure to this piece Nate did with Dave Tate, which definitely turned out to be an entertaining read. Keep an eye out for it! It follows the articles I wrote for , , and Check out my schedule page for more information on these events. Each staff member will present on what he learns in a different book each week.

There should be plenty more guys with exciting news along these lines in the months to come as well. I could never do what I do without such great guys working alongside me, and the best part is that they are insatiable in their desire to get better.

Along those same lines, there is a pretty sweet training and testimonial montage being pulled together about our Elite Baseball Development program.

I was actually getting pretty fired up just watching some of the footage that had been gathered thus far. Best wishes for , and stay tuned! What Would You Like to See in ? The year was a tremendous one for this website, and I owe all of you readers a huge thanks for your contribution. Right now, this site is ranked in the top , on the web, according to Alexa. The one product I released this year - Assess and Correct - has already sold in dozens of countries since October.

Meanwhile, some older products are still very popular. Maximum Strength , for instance, has a 5-star rating at Amazon. This site has become a channel through which Cressey Performance has grown as well.

I say this not to blow sunshine up my own rear end, but rather to frame my sincere thank you to all of you for your continued support in making EricCressey. Writing has never been and hopefully never will be a "job" for me because I genuinely enjoy getting to look at things in detail, interact with some bright, enthusiastic readers, and hopefully add to the body of knowledge in the process.

So, thanks for making my "job" if you can call it that fun. That said, since you, the readers, are the ones that are ultimately responsible for making this site bigger and better, I want to put the ball in your court today. What do YOU want to read in ? Would you like to see me address certain issues? Would you rather have more guest interviews like this?

Product reviews like this? Debunking of fitness myths like this? Geeky science stuff like this? How about content formatting? Do you like the video like this or written features - or a combination of the two? I respect and value your opinions and suggestions, so feel free to voice them in the comments section below. Again, thanks for a great !


Are you ready to improve your performance in the gym, or on the field?

This week, Greg focuses on improving your warm-ups. Integrate new movements into your warm-up first. A solid warm-up should do a few things for you; in a nutshell, it needs to prepare the body for the task at hand. At Cressey Performance, we do this via soft tissue work, mobility drills, and various low level activation exercises.



Molkis Is this more geared toward the athlete? Books by Eric Cressey. And there are also many more advanced corrective exercises for each technique as well, like this:. Click below to learn more about some of my products: Trust me when I tell you that if you change your thought process you will see an outstanding change in your outcomes. Champion offers an integrated approach to elite level physical therapy, adult fitness, sports performance, and baseball development. Assess and Correct by Eric Cressey I too have found myself stuck in my ways looking just at the injured joint and not the dysfunctional movement patterns, sort of like seeing the forest through the trees, I guess???


Assess and Correct




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