Asymptote fully generalizes MetaPost path construction algorithms to three dimensions, [3] and compiles commands into virtual machine code for speed without sacrificing portability. This page was last edited on 24 Decemberat However during drags it looks like And even after that a tesselation is visible disturbing the beauty of my scene. Email Asymptoye, but never shown. Asymptote vector graphics language In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Vector graphics markup languages and file formats.

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If no arguments are given, Asymptote runs in interactive mode see Interactive mode. In this case, the default output file is out. If - is given as the file argument, Asymptote reads from standard input. If multiple files are specified, they are treated as separate Asymptote runs. If the string autoimport is nonempty, a module with this name is automatically imported for each run as the final step in loading module plain.

Default option values may be entered as Asymptote code in a configuration file named config. Asymptote will look for this file in its usual search path see Search paths. Typically the configuration file is placed in the. Most configuration variables may also be changed at runtime. The advanced configuration variables dvipsOptions, hyperrefOptions, convertOptions, gsOptions, htmlviewerOptions, psviewerOptions, pdfviewerOptions, pdfreloadOptions, glOptions, and dvisvgmOptions allow specialized options to be passed as a string to the respective applications or libraries.

If you insert import plain; settings. The default output format is EPS for the default latex and tex tex engine and PDF for the pdflatex, xelatex, context, luatex, and lualatex tex engines. Alternative output formats may be produced using the -f option or outformat setting.

To produce SVG output, you will need dvisvgm version 2. You might need to adjust the configuration variable libgs to point to the location of your Ghostscript library libgs. The 2. Asymptote can also produce any output format supported by the ImageMagick convert program version 6. The optional setting -render n requests an output resolution of n pixels per bp.

Antialiasing is controlled by the parameter antialias, which by default specifies a sampling width of 2 pixels. To give other options to convert, use the convertOptions setting or call convert manually. This enables the int system string s and int system string[] s calls, allowing one to execute arbitrary shell commands. The default mode, -safe, disables this call. A PostScript offset may be specified as a pair in bp units with the -O option: asy -O 0,0 file The default offset is zero. The -c command option may be used to execute arbitrary Asymptote code on the command line as a string.

It is not necessary to terminate the string with a semicolon. Multiple -c options are executed in the order they are given. The -u user option may be used to specify arbitrary Asymptote settings on the command line as a string. Multiple -u options are executed in the order they are given. Additional debugging output is produced with each additional -v option: -v Display top-level module and final output file names.


PRC (file format)

The default projection, currentprojection, is initially set to perspective 5,4,2. Three-dimensional objects may be transformed with one of the following built-in transform3 types the identity transformation is identity4 : shift triple v translates by the triple v; xscale3 real x scales by x in the x direction; yscale3 real y scales by y in the y direction; zscale3 real z scales by z in the z direction; scale3 real s scales by s in the x, y, and z directions; scale real x, real y, real z scales by x in the x direction, by y in the y direction, and by z in the z direction; rotate real angle, triple v rotates by angle in degrees about an axis v through the origin; rotate real angle, triple u, triple v rotates by angle in degrees about the axis u--v; reflect triple u, triple v, triple w reflects about the plane through u, v, and w. Billboard : Embedded The optional name parameter is used as a prefix for naming the label patches in the PRC model tree. The default interaction is Billboard, which means that labels are rotated interactively so that they always face the camera. The interaction Embedded means that the label interacts as a normal 3D surface, as illustrated in the example billboard. As illustrated in the example planeproject.


Asymptote (vector graphics language)





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