The classic reference book Audio Systems Design and Installation, by longtime AES member Philip Giddings, is back in print today due to popular demand, and available exclusively online from the publisher, Post Toronto Books. Recommended by InfoComm International as a CTS-D exam content resource, and by the Rane Pro Audio Reference as "the book on interconnection wiring, grounding, shielding, and AC power," this page pro audio staple has come to be highly valued by sound system designers and installers. If you are designing a studio, sound system, or other multimedia equipment, you need to read most of this book before you pick up your soldering iron," said Michael W. Hulbert, of Anaheim, California, in an online review. Added Francis P.

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Then we take two identically built systems — one with standard timings in an untreated and unshielded chassis, and the other a Wolf — and they listen. It puts an end to the arguments. We measure, we test and we listen until we find the combination of parts and materials that meet our performance and functionality goals and suited our sonic aims. Each board has a generational noise signature that must be tamed before it becomes stereo room ready.

We isolate and then make minor adjustments to timings and voltages to minimize any negative impact of the chipset and componentry. From there, we make extensive OS and software optimizations, turning off unnecessary services and applications, but not crippling the system and its greater capabilities.

Vibration and Isolation Control In our research, we identified several places where vibration affected sound in server systems. Wolf uses several technologies to reduce internal subsonic vibrations and also isolate components from each other and from other equipment in the vicinity. This work is done by hand and can vary depending on the model.

Interference Electromagnetic interference can be generated by radio, direct current and microwave frequencies, resulting in audible noise, i. Such noise can be counteracted with shielding … no easy task, as applying too little does nothing, and too much can suck the very life out of a system.

Wolf strives to create a 21st century listening experience for customers with a beautiful yet simple interface for listening sessions, and a ton of tools under the hood when users need more. We teach, we train and we are there when customers need us. During the First Time Setup, Wolf configures the system — for the listening room, the living room, and beyond.

Wolf connects NAS devices, migrates music from older systems and can do it all in person, or remotely. Several conversations in the first week are encouraged. From there, we check in occasionally to share new features and tools, answer questions and help however we can. Likewise, we are happy to hear from Wolf owners — maintaining conversations helps us to understand their wants and needs and better our products.

We design each machine with the same precision of case, hardware and software. Suffice it to say, these machines look and sound great with your stereo. High Performance All of our servers are top-performing by any measurement. High-powered systems can be the enemy of sound, unless you tame it. Our design methods and build philosophy enable you to have both, guaranteeing many years of satisfied listening.

Traditional clocking methodology means the whole system is re-clocked, which is a pretty invasive procedure for the motherboard and critical components. It is an arduous installation, the parts are more expensive, and the potential for things to go wrong down the road was tremendous. It worked wonderfully, and by adding the barest amount of signal filtering, we could achieve one of the single largest upgrades to Wolf Audio Systems products yet.


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