Gakazahn Devotees of the Mother Rat are compelled to offer charity to anyone who demands it, particularly children and Metis. W20 has Blinka more quick and reliable urban teleport. Gnawer kin can be found in among ethnicity. On one hand, they might be in thrall to the Wyrm.

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Also like last time, the Bone Gnawers an atypical tribe in that their membership is more politically oriented than their place of birth. The Bone Gnawers are the poor werewolf tribe. The book even tells you that every Bone Gnawer is cynical, world weary, but totally hilarious! As briefly discussed in the Black Fury book, to be initiated into a tribe you have to be approved of by the totem spirit of that tribe.

For the Black Furies, you had to impress Pegasus, and Pegasus automatically refused any non-metis males. Their devotion to the common man leads them to espouse democratic values in their septs. The Bone Gnawers also have weird totems and rites. They work with City Fathers, trash spirits, and other incarnations of the contemporary world. Their rites incorporate a milieu of pop cultural references.

This only tarnishes their reputation even further, but the Gnawers will accept any ritual technique one of their members comes up with. Living in the city, the Gnawers develop a few cultural quirks.

Generosity is a big deal among the Bone Gnawers. The Gnawer combat style is built around guerilla warfare and sneak attacks. A developed system and lexicon for scavenging trash is popular among the Gnawers, delineating Stuff, Loot, and Things. The Hillfolk are werewolf hillbillies and the Maneaters are werewolf cannibal hillbillies. In my estimation, the only thing better than a streetwise werewolf is a redneck werewolf. Not sold on this lady, though.

Appearance: They look pretty scruffy and mangy. Their wolf forms are covered in patches of different colors. Territory: The Bone Gnawers make their homes in the city, but in the poorest areas. They protect major public services in the city, including libraries, museums, parks and playgrounds. You hear me? I BITE! The Stereotypes are related to us by Piss-in-the-Wind.

Bone Gnawers have great deed names, by the way. They like the Black Furies because feminism. They drink with the Fianna. The most interesting relationship they have is with the Silent Striders. Brian Campbell really seems to have taken that to heart. He lived a pretty squalid lifestyle, making ramen in the coffee maker, drinking soda for breakfast, the worst.

He had a dorky uniform and his attempts to modify it were spoiled by his knowledge that thousands of other workers modified the uniform in exactly the same way. His main task was to take abuse from customers who buy food he can barely afford with an employee discount.

There were a few things that broke up his pathetic life. Wimpy was a crazy homeless person. He was a weirdo and our hero hated him for that. The second thing that brought our hero some solace was drinking with his friends.

These particular friends were Black Dog fans who did all kinds of perverted shit in their games. They had beer money, though, so they were okay. One night, the crew was wandering around drunk and they came across Wimpy. Our hero saw Wimpy and thought about all the times he had to serve him and act polite to him and listen to his stupid stories.

One thing led to another and the gang beat Wimpy down. Wimpy took it, as if he accepted that he was the kind of person these things happened to. The next day, our hero woke up guilty. Wimpy showed up without any marks or scars from the fight. The only thing different about him is that he bought his burger and left, no stories, no nothing.

One customer, though, reacts strangely. This freaks him out, so he slinks out. Bone Gnawers are too poor for ink. For a month he hunted for a job, unwilling to debase himself before his stepfather. He was eventually evicted. Without any gas money, he decided to pack all his stuff in his truck and sleep in his car. One night, returning to his car when he got tired of his friends playing Revenants or whatever, he encounters Wimpy. This time, though, Wimpy shoves him.

Wimpy kicked him around a little bit, and starts to grow and get a little fierce looking. Wimpy attacked him like an animal. Nowadays our hero is free. He lives out of his car. Fuck you very much. What a story! Still, the description of low wage America is furiously awesome.

It shows what the werewolves are fighting against superbly. It also gives us a good look into the kind of life a less homeless werewolf might lead. It goes for something very different than most tribebook intro fiction, and I like it. Wikipedia tells me he worked on Star Wars and Call of Cthulu d20 properties. The first picture in this update is pretty typical work. Ron Spencer is back on sample character duty. The interchapter art is also decent, if a little samey. The Bone Gnawers have a long and storied history of hitting dudes in the face.

The history chapter in Bone Gnawers is back to traditional White Wolf splatbook style, with various narrators offering perspectives. The chapter itself is a Recitation, a Gnawer storytelling ritual. One Galliard begins the story and anyone can interject if they believe they can tell the story better or if the leader draws a blank. Control of the story passes from teller to teller. Anyone can join in if they have the charisma and the moxy.

The tribe here is gathered around a barrel fire, and a bottle of hooch is passed around to denote the storyteller. Their lineage is too mixed for that. Once you first changed, you left behind your humanity. The Bone Gnawers are proud scavengers, lurking on the edges of history.

The Bone Gnawers were tasked with taking care of all scavengers, spirits and animals and humans alike. The Gnawers protected humanity when the other tribes ruled over them. Bone Gnawers was an insult, one of the oldest in the Garou tongue. They were great warriors, overwhelming their enemies with numbers when all else failed.

They were and are the shock troops of the Garou Nation. Eventually, mankind built cities to protect themselves against the werewolves. Once the tribes realized that continuing to war against them was futile, the Concordiat was formed and the Garou Nation pledged to set itself apart from humanity to let human civilization to develop.

Two tribes refused to do this. The nascent Glass Walkers were well-respected so they could do what they wanted. The Bone Gnawers, on the other hand, got the raw end of the deal. So they stayed in the cities, in defiance of the Litany. The Silver Fangs declared them "urrah", or tainted, and so the Bone Gnawers formed their tribal identity.

Next time: "Forsooth! Humanity grew more organized, more regimented. The Glass Walker enjoyed the resources progress and the Weaver provided, but the Bone Gnawers were more wary. While the Walkers sustain the institutions and spirits that protect humanity, the Bone Gnawers fight to free us from them.

The Walkers love human society, the Gnawers exist outside it. The elder begins talking about the Gnawers of Ancient Egypt made up of those rejected by the Silent Striders , but is interrupted by the alpha Teeth-of-the-Jackal, a metis. He denounces the idea that the Bone Gnawers have no pedigree, no history. The Gnawers are just more inclusive. Considering how much problems the Silver Fangs have with inbreeding, this is probably accurate. Without wolf kin to call their own, the homid Gnawers followed scavenger spirits of all kinds, everything from jackals to hyenas to crows.





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Bone Gnawers Tribebook


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