A highly reliable spreader with long fatigue life even under extreme load conditions. Failsafe logic and interlocks also ensure safety. The world of container handling is a tough one. Twin-Lift Hydraulic Spreaders Twin-lift ship-to-sliore hydraulic spreaders are the most popular products in the Bromma product line, due to their higher productivity and versatility With the STS45 separating twin-lift spreader, The electrical components and the cable chain system are well protected inside the main frame, and the hydraulic powerpack is entirely enclosed within the main frame bfomma ensure maximum protection. The telescopic drive system consists of an electrical motor and a reduction gearbox connected to an endless chain system, which is fitted with a block of springs to absorb shock loads.

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Open the catalog to page 1 With a smooth logistic flow comes peace of mind -then it is easy to be the terminal manager. If your bance.

And let made it possible for terminals to accept con- you experience that desirable feeling that all is tainers of different sizes without replacing the well. Some of them work well. But a spreader is a different breed of product that requires premium quality thinking. Only the best is good enough, which is why we continue to keep our number one position in the global market. Here is why it pays off to choose Bromma spreaders: Spreaders are exposed to harsh environments, including Then ships will be delayed in berth, and soon vessels will begin to queue up outside the terminal.

And the spirit of Swedish engineering and entrepreneurial excellence remains Open the catalog to page 5 OUR OFFERING Alongside a full range of spreaders for cranes and mobile equipment, Bromma offers an extensive portfolio of industrial services and spreader control software solutions to further increase spreader availability. Every spreader that we offer — ship-to-shore STS spreaders, yard crane spreaders and mobile harbour crane MHC spreaders — are available as single- or twin-lift versions.

Our STS spreaders are also available in a Tandem version — a concept introduced by Bromma — capable of With the automatic lashing platform ALP , it is no longer necessary to carry out dangerous manual twistlock handling under the gantry crane. The ALP is, to date, the only fully automatic system in the market — significantly increasing terminal safety. The ALP is equipped with special manipulators for removing or attaching twistlocks and magazines for accommodating the twistlocks.

Twistlocks are automatically fed to the magazine at discharging and taken out of the magazine at Automated yard handling requires extremely reliable yard spreaders in order to ensure uninterrupted operation and high terminal efficiency. Bromma delivered the spreaders for the first yard automation projects in the s, and have continued to lead the way with automation-ready products ever since.

Thanks to our deep understanding and experience of terminal processes, we have played a key role in most automation projects carried out around the world. A key success factor in our automation Open the catalog to page 8 Fleet management It is easy to monitor data from a fleet of spreaders from a single point.

This means that spreader data becomes transparent for e. All-electric yard spreaders All-electric yard spreaders are ideal for terminals who want to introduce automated yard handling.

SCS 4 adds further to the It was a response to increasing demands from the terminal industry for higher crane availability. By integrating an intelligent control system into the spreader, Bromma made it The ALP is the only fully










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