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I definately recommend it to all who are interested in hypnosis. It also gave me the confidence to be bold enough to make up routines on the spot. Someone I had minutes before met, I recently decided to make him forget his name, I also made his friend not be able to utter the words Ace of Spades. He had so much difficulty saying it. One more thing, out of dozens, that I did was make a few people I knew fall asleep.

One in particular, I said when she would awake I would tell her what her dream was and no matter what I said, it would feel familiar and would be correct.

I woke her up and without saying anything before, told her "her dream", which I just made up on the spot as I told her what her dream was.

Till this day, she believes whe genuinly dreamt about a lake with a bear on one side and a carnival on the other, with a boat floating in the air above the lake.

This book is definately a masterpiece and should be purchased by those wanting to perform hypnosis. Did this review help you? I don have to say much get it and read it and u know what I mean.

BUY IT!! The subtleties taught within the pages are worth the price of the book alone. The routines while not for everyone, still shine a tremendous amount of light on just how affective and wonderful psychological extra bits can change an effect. The only reason I give this book 4 stars is because of the wasted blank pages and large filler size font within the book.

In short. Buy it. Do you want to respond to this review?



He has devised some of the most groundbreaking mind reading material of the decade, yet he has never collected Your spectator shuffles the deck once more. He has shared his personal Book Test, his acclaimed work on PK Touches, his thinking on playing cards in mentalism and so much more. This 20 minute preview includes two performances from the DVD, plus Luke himself will talk you through some of the Feb 3, Magic by Luke Jermay Luke Jermay is one of the leading minds in mentalism and an excellent performer and creator. This DVD features lule from 7 Deceptions and brand new developments of buildint from 7 Deceptions as well as some unpublished material. We need want no longer; Luke Jermay is here to fill our desires!



Email me if it becomes available again. Customer rating: In this important volume, Luke has tipped the real work on using Suggestion Techniques. This, coupled with his ground breaking applications of the four Convincers, is enough to transform and amplify your performances right away. Wait until you see some of the effects he teaches. Just a few of the routines: A plucked rose visibly wilts and dies as you talk about the fragility of life.


Magic Tricks

Other One of the bestselling mentalism books of recent times is now back and better than ever! Luke Jermay has done it again! He has decided to release more of his awesome material, the routines which he uses to stun audiences around the world. In this important new volume, Luke has tipped the real work on using Suggestion Techniques.

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