Also available as an eBook Dr. Carl A. Wickland specialized in cases of schizophrenia, paranoia, depression, addiction, manic-depression, criminal behavior and other phobias. This has been proven hundreds of times by causing the supposed insanity or aberration to be temporarily transferred from the victim to a psychic sensitive who is trained for the purpose, and by this method ascertain the cause of the psychosis to be an ignorant or mischievous spirit, whose identity may frequently be verified.

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His discovery of the book on Spiritualism marks the beginning of the period during which Jung subscribed to the existence and communication with the spirit world. Jung went on to read virtually all of the leterature on Spiritualism that was available to him at the time.

Jung later claimed that the observations of the spiritualists contained in these works were the first accounts he had read of objective psychic phenomena. The Swiss born psychiatrist who was credited for formulating a number of ground-breaking theories on the psyche? Jung is the favoured psychiatrist to quote among New Age adherents, modern philosophers and esotericists.

For more than fifteen years, I counted myself in that group. In fact, much of his work nestles at the centre of my graduate studies in the science of religion. His theories contextualized my teachings of the Tarot, dream interpretation, and psychic development. Spouting Jung can ramp the status of any edgey practitioner; edgey with respect to the relationship between human psyche and spirit. Personality Theory and the Tarot But the more I taught about the psyche and spirit, the more closely I examined Jungian theories that supported the work.

How original were his ideas really? As I studied and taught in greater depth, the more I realized that Dr. Jung sadly! There was little original or genius in his work at all! His personality theory is a perfect match for the Court Cards in the Tarot deck, and his theories on depth psychology can be found in any number of bodies of work related to spirituality and occult.

Carl Jung: Sexist, Anti-semitic, Class Conscious Add to this plaguristic picture the fact that he was respected by the Nazis, supported by a wealthy wife while blatantly supporting a mistress and he was favoured by the upper classes, including Christian churches due to his anti-Semitism and sexism, and the picture of this gleaming spectre of psyche and spirit is darkening fast.

The portrait of this eminent psychiatrist was becoming downright sinister. Second generation Jungians recognized the value problems in his work and diverted from some of his original theories. Feminist Jungians in particular were taking apologetic stances in reaction to his blatant sexism. Closer investigation revealed a notable minority in Jewish analysts. For example growing numbers of Christian Church organizations were bringing his theories into counseling training programs for clergy. There was, however a psychiatrist who drifted into the annals of obscurity far more worthy of study and alcolades than Dr.

Carl Jung. Carl Wickland and his Spirit Circle Dr. Carl Wickland treated patients, conducted rigorous research and wrote two books in the early 20th Century on the presence of spirit possession in cases previously diagnosed with severe mental illness.

Practicing psychiatry at a mental health hospital in California in the early twentieth century, he would invite certain patients who were deemed, irreparable, to join his private spirit circle where he and his medium wife, Anna presided. There were other spiritualist believers that joined the circle and as a group they would go into trance and connect with the spirit world with the intention of helping the patient possessed be released from the pesky, persistent annoyances they were suffering at the will of a confused spirit.

In real terms, they were possessed. Wickland married a gifted medium named Anna Wickland born Anna W. Anderson ; together they formed a non-profit psychological research corporation called the National Psychological Institute in the early 20th Century.

Attached to this organization was a sanitarium where from six to ten patients at a time were cared for and brought back to sanity and health. Wickland, my wife, was an unusually sensitive intermediary through whom spirit Intelligences could directly communicate with the greatest ease. Wickland served as the gifted instrument whereby spiritual entities were able to communicate their messages directly.

Wickland would treat these entities through his wife, helping them to understand what happened to them physical death and provide some guidance as to how to move forward with their ongoing development now in the spirit world.

Not all mental illness can be explained by science, nurture, and chemistry. Mental illness may reflect a spiritual emergency requiring unconventional; sometimes drastic, spiritual approaches to healing. Carl Wickland and Reincarnation Theory Dr.

Carl A. But in reality this was only spirit obsession or possession. Carl Wickland, Madam Blavatsky Renounces Reincarnation in the Spirit World Madam Blavatsky theosophy guru tried to return after her passing over to the spirit world.

Her work was to help them find the light again and be able to continue their progression into the higher realms of the spirit world. Problems with Reincarnation Theories Have you noticed how prevalent the belief in reincarnation is gaining momentum in the west? Only forty years ago this was considered a wacky concept. Returning in physical form? Our consciousness coming back into another body? People now will casually and commonly refer to their past lives as if there was nothing extraordinary about this at all.

Some have made mention of the unbelievable number of famous, notable, and special people they have been in a past life. Few say they were just an ordinary farmer who died plowing the field one fateful afternoon.

Most reincarnationists are certain their past lives will reveal their past lives as Queens, Priests, Shamans, or Pirates. Why their spirit would return as an ordinary person living in a developed country triggers little critical thinking and it should. Reincarnation Justifies Class Prejudice Reincarnation theory evolved as a means to explain why some people are born into despair and others are born into privilege.

It was really a dumbing down of the ancient and sacred Brahminic spiritual teachings. Once an untouchable, always an untouchable. The greatest appeal of all was that it served too to explain the apparent injustice in the distribution of wealth and resources. Living in poverty, disease and pestilence, you were undoubtedly less than honourable in your past life. It is a perfectly packaged and circular rationalization. Reincarnationists fail to think this theory through. Did the spirit world make the earth peoples so unequal?

Did the spirit world create such inequities as we see between the haves and the have-nots on the planet? I doubt it. We do that. We construct an earthly existence of haves and have nots. We like that. Reincarnation is Rubbish If we are to fully grow spiritually we must be accountable for our choices. We choose to support inequality, to be selfish, and determinedly ignorant. Reincarnation is rubbish and before you embrace this theory with relief, give some serious thought as to why it holds such appeal.

You are incarnated in physical form once, and yes you will leave it and not return. You are here to experience and to create not to waste your gifts on touting foolish rationalizations and apologies. By Kathleen Meadows, M.


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