Plot summary[ edit ] Saul Garamond returns to the flat he shares with his father in London late one evening, skipping on greetings and heading straight to bed. In the morning he is awakened by police pounding on the door, come to arrest him. After spending most of a day being interrogated and in a holding cell, Saul finds he has a mysterious visitor, who introduces himself as King Rat. The two begin a one sided rooftop escape as King Rat carries Saul along. Saul follows King Rat exploring the secrets of London, from the rooftops to the sewers. Being half rat, his two primary abilities are being able to eat anything, even garbage, and squeezing into holes and shadows too small for other creatures.

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Shelves: strange-avenues-of-mieville-s-mind , reads "Everything starts somewhere, although many physicists disagree. A cousin that the elderly relatives mention only in hushed whispers at family reunions. That one. It lacks the slightly arrogant exceedingly self-confident polishing its later siblings boast. It has rats, and filth, and piss, and gruesome murders and overall level of grotesque that made me put this book away a few times just to purge my brain of the images I really did not want to be setting camp there.

It plays with legends and fairy tales, and centuries-long vendettas. It peppers its pages with rhyming Cockney slang which seriously tries to break my poor brain. It takes the reader on a flight across the roofs and walls of London, taking my breath away and making me hold the said breath because of the stink of rot and piss that the pages gleefully convey. Illustration by Richard A. Kirk - found here Yes, I easily see its flaws.

The characters developed a tad too thinly. The plot lines and characters that appear dropped. The gruesome scenes that seem to be thrown in jugs for kicks. I can hear the muscles in your eyes contract when your pupils dilate. I can feed off your filth and live in your house and sleep under your bed and you will never know unless I want you to.

His ability to create characters so grey that they are quite murky. They pass between towers jutting into the sky like long-necked sea beasts and the great gas-cylinders wallowing in dirty scrub like whales. His Chinaness needs to quickly write something new.


[PDF] King Rat Book by China Mieville Free Download (320 pages)






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