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Page 2: Lens Cover The lens cover protects the smart camera lens from dust and damage and is rated for IP The lens cover keeps the aperture and focus settings from being changed. The following figures show the dimensions of the lens cover included with the NI x Smart Camera. Figure Page 3 Chapter 1 Lens Cover Figure Aluminum alloy T6 Finish Refer to the following pages for detailed specifications about each lens.

Table MMP Effective Front f Aperture Ratio 1 : 1. Image Format 8. Aperture Ratio The cable is 5 meters long.

Yes Cable diameter Straight Cable structure Cell PE Conductor material Bare Cu litz wires Cable weight The cable is 1 meter long. Page Mounting And Lighting Figure Because the lights are current-driven light heads, you can connect the lights to smart cameras with built-in direct drive lighting controls. Light Mounting Bracket Tripod Adapter and Pan and Tilt Mount Refer to the following pages for the mechanical drawings for the tripod adapter and the pan and tilt mount.

Page 25 0. Page 26 3. The following figure shows the M12 to Pigtail cable. M12 connector IEC Coding A - standard Page 33 Smallest bending radius, movable installation This manual is also suitable for:.


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Adauga la favorite Asigurarea unui contract de mentenanta a Sistemelor de alarma, Detectie incendiu, Supraveghere video In cele mai frecvente cazuri dupa ce sistemul de securitate a fost pus in functiune si dat in folosinta este nevoie de o firma specializata in domeniu pentru a asigura intretinerea si buna functionalitate a sistemului in conditii optime. Acesta se poate face in continuare cu firma care a instalat sistemul sau cu oricare alta firma specializata. In principiu va puneti intrebarea de ce am nevoie de un contract de mentenanta la un sistem de alarma? E normal pentru ca un defect la sistemul de securitate poate sa fie semnalat sau nu, in aceste conditii trebuie intervenit urgent pentru a remedia problema, evitand eventualele pagube. La fel de important si in cazul unui sistem de alarmare incendiu unde pagubele pot fi enorme in cazul unui incendiu asta daca sistemul nu este verificat periodic pentru asigurarea bunei functionari. Daca vorbim despre un sistem video CCTV riscul de a produce pagube de genul incendiului sunt mult mai mici dar aici in mod similar daca sistemul video cu circuit inchis nu merge, niciodata nu voi putea vizualiza inregistrarile in cazul unui incident. In concluzie pentru buna functionare a sistemelor de securitate acestea trebuie verificate periodic, lunar sau trimestrial de catre o firma specializata in echipamente de securitate.


8 mm C-Mount Computar Objektiv M0814-MP2

Akir The Beo5 remote control has a Setup menu that allows you to alter a number of settings yourself. Use the arrow keys to move the double RED lines to the channel you wish to change, then press the centre OK button. This allows for a personal design for each user and ensures that all buttons in your Beo5 are relevant to your specific setup. ANSWER — The Beo5 supports up to 24 different zones, but the present link system is limited to 16 zones, so it will not be possible to operate more than 16 zones. If your retailer has set up a channels menu on your Beo5, you may also change the numbers associated with channel names in the channels or stations menu. To activate the Beo5 display, just pick up your Beo5 or touch the screen lightly, and the display lights up. An average infrared remote control had a range of around 3 to 6 meters.


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