In general, minor price reversals are associated with the completion of the 9 and major market turning points are identified by the completion of a Countdown. This substitution process is more lenient than its traditional COMBO counterpart and identifies areas of likely price exhaustion during periods of increased volatility. Maximum readings demonstrate overbought and oversold synchronicity and are often associated with price exhaustion. It compares the buying and selling pressure of a series of consecutive bars to determine the likelihood of a future rally or decline. The CHANNEL 1 indicator multiplies a three-day moving average of the true highs by a percentage to derive the lower channel and a three-day moving average of the true lows by a percentage to derive the upper channel.

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Tom Demark Trendline is no different from the conventional trendlines except it is not use to show the power of the bulls and bears but to predict how far price can project after a valid breakout from onie of its valid rules of breakout. Step 1 — Identifying Tom Demark Trendlines There are several ways to identify a trend is in motion and the most popular indicator is the moving averages.

Another alternate way I had written to determine if a currency pair is trending by using ADX also known as average directional index. But the best way in our case is using trendlines which is the first part of trendline trader.

As you can see from the above fig 1. When choosing the contact points to create a demand line we are looking at support line or lowest low of a candlestick with one or more between the left and right side.

I know it creates confusion a better understand would be a visual aid as seen below. In the chart above, I have marked the two points that will be used to create the demand line or the downtrend. As this is Tom Demark Trendline two points are only used and notice the recent first point on the right. In the world of dynamic market especially forex the key to draw trendline is from right to left. The second point in this case we look for the next point of support and is much lower with two candles on both of its side.

Using Tom Demark Trendline we could predict how far price could go if the breakout after the demand line is valid. You take the highest high created above the demand line and mark it with a vertical line. What that means is Tom Demark Trendline price projection are base on his observation with market patterns and proabilities. We can never predict where price will advance however patterns had repeated and base on patterns alone we can judge the proabilities of it being gone a certain way.

Hence depending on which level of trader you are I would move my stoploss to breakeven once price has move to more then 15 pips and locked in 15 pips once price move more then 20pips and so on. Lets see how the trade unfold after it breakout of the demand line. However if you notice once price breakout from the demand line it is a panic behavior with no stop to reverse to bring in more bears.

So how in this case do you profit from this trade? What may seem at first to be a complicated task, once reviewed and practiced can be done without effort.

First entry can be place here with a sell limit order here. Second entry if you wish to wait for price to take a breather. Notice how ADX rises above 25 which is the standard for price to trend. If you see this get in without waiting for price to retrace back to the breakout line or demand line because you never know as price continues without pause.

Trendline projection give you an overall picture of where the market will be going. In the next section I show you what makes professional trader survive longer in the market then most new traders.

Ok here is the story. Vice versa if for uptrend. Ok so here is the deal lets take the above trade from yesterday as example. Lets say price break the trendline below as shown above the red line. So with your previous stoploss in place from the previous high you place your order to sell. This is where the preservation of your capital comes in. As price moves so does your stoploss. When price makes a new low and retrace back to make a new high. Place your stoploss just above the previous high.

It should be much lower then your previous high if not you should bail out. Anyway once price makes a new high and plunge back down. Subsequently continue to do the same until price hit its target. There you have it. You know exactly what to look for and have a slick trading plan you will follow religiously and do not let outside noise influence your trading decisions.

Ignoring the lizard brain of fear and take the trade. Plan the setup and patiently wait for the market to take my limit order instead of chasing the market and paying extra for spreads and volatility.

And that journey to move forward is different for each person. No trading plan on where and when to enter or exit. No idea on what to do next after you enter the trade like avoid getting stopped out or getting trapped instead.

The BEST place to start, by going to this:.


104# Tom Demark Trend Line Strategy Trading System

Guides Forex Information: How to Draw DeMark Trendlines When searching for Forex information on the internet you are likely to find articles relating to trendlines and trendline analysis. Tom DeMark was a specialist in the field of technical market analysis and his best-selling book "The New Science of Technical Analysis" released in spells out some innovative techniques when it comes to the use of trendlines. Much Forex information on the internet is of a general nature, and many articles are written about Forex by individuals who are not traders themselves. Tom DeMark on the other hand has had a long career with institutions trading stocks, futures, currencies and options.


Trendline-Demark Breakout system



Tom Demark Trendline 101 – Part 2


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