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The general technical delivery conditions specified in EN apply in addition to the specifications of this European Standard, unless otherwise specified in this European Standard. Addition of austenitic grades 1. This European Standard does not apply to components manufactured by further processing of the product forms listed above with quality characteristics altered as a result of such further din en Who is this standard for? The principal changes are: IHS Standards Expert subscription, simplifies and expedites the process din en finding and managing standards by giving you access to standards from over standards developing organizations SDOs. This revision supersedes the version of the standard which is withdrawn.

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English version Stainless steels Part 3: Technical delivery conditions for semi-finished products, bars, rods and sections for general purposes Aciers inoxydables. A version in any other language made by translation under the responsibilty of a CEN member int its own language and notified to the Contral Secretariat has the samo status as the official versions.

Copyright reserved to all CEN members. Rf, No. This European Standard shall be given the status of a national standard, either by publication of an identical text or by endorsement, and contlicting national standards withdrawn, by October at the latest. The general technical delivery conditions specified in EN apply in addition to the spocifications of this European Standard, unless otherwise specified in this Eu- ropean Standard, 1.

These nor- mative references are cited at the appropriate places in the text and the publications are listed hereafter. For dated references, subsequent amendments to or revisions of any of these publications apply to this European Standard, only when incorporated in it by amendment or revision.

EN Metallic materials; tensile testing. Part 1 Method of test at ambient temperature Metallic materials; tensile testing. Part 1 Stee! Annex B. Definitions 3. Product forms: See EN for definitions.

Types of heat treatment: See EN for defini- tions. The requirements given in tables 1 to 4 apply with respect to the chemical composition in the cast analysis. Itis therefore advisable to draw on the available experience in the use of the steels. Page 4 EN 8. As they do not have a pronounced transition temperature, which is characteristic of other steels, they are also Useful for application at cryogenic temperatures.

If more detailed requirements regarding the surface quality are to be satisfied, these shall be agreed at the time of ordering, taking EN as the basis where appropriate. In view of tis, compliance with these requirements need not be verified by specific tests unless otherwise agreed.

Ifthe issue of a type 3. C inspection certificate or of an inspection report type 3. Specific testing and inspection 9. The specifications of 9. If it has been agreed that Impact tests be carried out, the samples shall be taken from the same location.

The samples shall be taken from products in their as deliv- fered condition. If agreed, samples from bars may be taken before straightening. For samples to be given a simulated heat treatment the conditions for annealing, hardening and tempering shall be agreed, 9. In cases of doubt and in referee cases, Such test ploces must be used The tensile strength and elongation after fracture shall bo determined and for fertic, martensite, precipitation hard fring and austentc-ferrtic steels, also the 0, proof Strength ang for austenitic steels the 0.

The average obtained from three test pieces is considered to be the test result cf. EN Page 16 EN Table 8: Mechanical properties at ambient temperature for martonsitic steels in the heat-treated condition see table A. ABi8Ue d 96 soo.


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