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В этом стандарте описаны новые марки стали, химический состав, их механические свойства и ближайшие эквиваленты марки стали со старых стандартов, включенных в EN : Данный Европейский стандарт существует в трех официальных версиях на английском, французском, немецком языке. История стандарта Европейский комитет по металлургической стандартизации отвечает за подготовку европейских стандартов для конструкционных сталей. В июне , EN : часть 1 была опубликована и в то же время BS был официально снят. Стали из BS , не затронутые европейским стандартом были переизданы в новых британских стандартах BS и BS

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By following the EN standard when doing business in Europe, one can be assured of meeting the requirements of the Directive. But what exactly is required? This EN Standard specifies the different types of inspection documents supplied to the purchaser, in accordance with the requirements of the order, for the delivery of all metallic products, e. It may also apply to non-metallic products.

But the document itself does not contain any inspection directions. Indeed, it must be used in conjunction with the product specifications which specify the technical delivery conditions of the order itself. So what exactly does it specify? The document first of all defines a series of document type designations, like Type 2. For each document type, there is a brief description of the content and the validating entity.

So for Type 2. For Type 2. Terminology is defined in the beginning of the standard. Reference is additionally made to EN , Steel products — Inspection documents — List of information and description.

So, the BS EN does not describe specific requirements for any given order. The expectation is that the order itself will define the product specifications required. The document does however, define a series of document types issued by the manufacturer in which he declares that the products supplied are in compliance with the requirements of the order and in which he may supply test results if required.

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EN 10204-2004



BS EN 10204:1991


AR 750-35 PDF

EN 10204:2004 – Prodotti Metallici – Tipi di documenti di controllo


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