Kazrarg Just come and lay the problems at My feet, and I will move on your behalf; I will bring unknown resources to you and I will give you the plan for success. I especially liked the one about the 2 pencil. Fqp y B 6]f! I myself am a 10 year survivor of Hodgkins disease I know all of the fears, concerns, anger, and fogmularz of the emotions you may have yet to have. We will not stop!!!

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Dalkree However, I know each of you are strong and have faith in our Lord and Savior. One of my favorite scripture verses in the bible is from Exodus sd-a1 Your love of God, life and family are your largest assets and I hope it gives all the strength you need to get over this thing.

I am in oncology sales and one of our products is Eloxatin oxaliplatin so if you need any info, please let me know. You are such an inspiration. If I could formulwrz do anything for you, just let me know. Keep that wonderful spirit that you have now. You will remain in my prayers! Feel certain Johnny will be looking for some kind of really nice gift pouch just a pouch — remember? Read more 2 people found this helpful Helpful Comment Report abuseJ.

Thanks for letting us all in and accepting our prayers and good wishes. I know you are getting bombarded with formulagz, referrals, etc. All power comes from Me—even the enemy would have none if I did not allow it. All the encouragement is great. The Sony DSC-M2 does all this and more, with pocket album function that allows you to carry up to 1, VGA-resolution images in camera memory for sharing with friends and family anytime.

I go to bed praying for you, wake up during the night and pray for you, and I pray for you when you cross my mind during the day. You are humble and not shy to ask for prayers. My heart aches for you, but I have seen what the power of prayer can do. Change and grow through this experience. Keep up the good fight and know that we all are pulling for you. We believe God can and does continue to work mightly each and every day. I came on here to see how you were doing and offer some words of encouragment.

Do not look to the right or the fotmularz. I will walk before the Lord in the land of the living. He is awsome and He can do awsome things! I can only imagine how much this has affirmed your own resolve.

She taught kindergarten at my school for about 40 years. And that HE can do a mighty work in your lives. My first impression of you that night was a man who enjoyed everyday experiences to the max. Am I, your Mother, not here at your side? We are honor to be part of your team. All our love to you, Misty, and the children.

My wife Maureen and will pray for you and ask others to do the same. You stay strong and keep the faith. You are on the prayer chain at our church,Valleytown Baptist Church. Scary and filled with the unknown, yet about personal growth and learning.

We are thinking of each of you and will lift you up daily as we pray. Your mamma is right. You all are so special. Two months after I got the camera I dropped it from from waist level and it fell on a little rock or something because I saw a little indentation on the outside and guess what — the LCD screen was all messed up. Dina Clark deendeen91 yahoo. God Bless You, you are not alone, and I will continue to pray for you and your family. My son Philip did when I went through it.

Be strong and continue to lean on friends, family…and most of all continue to keep your faith. I applaud your will power and faith. You have delivered my life from death, my eyes from tears, and my feet from stumbling and falling. Oh how complacent I formuladz become. You continue to inspire. Love to you and your entire family. Most Related.

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Meztim You and Mistry are such an inspiration to me. Although we have never met, your family remain in my heart, mind and prayers. And we rejoice in the hope of the glory of God. He was a man in need of prayers also. Stored photos are saved as thumbnail images sorted by date and year; a simple shuttle key at the sdz1 of the camera lens allows smooth browsing and quick search. Still strong, upbeat and positive.


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Fezahn I will be praying for you and your family everyday. Know that I am there in spirit and would love to be there in person. I am so impressed by your response to all of this. Please know that we are praying and believing that God will do great things through this in you, your family, and the community.

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