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Fortinet has designed this device from the ground up, delivering the goods on both the hardware and the software fronts. Hardware specs of the B base unit include hardware acceleration with up to Gbps firewall bandwidth and Gbps VPN.

There is an expansion slot to rev up acceleration even further, or to connect a hard drive for a log archive. The software is the latest, version 4. Core applications include firewall, Web content filtering, antimalware, intrusion protection, VPN both IPSec and SSL and two additional critical components: data leak prevention and granular application control.

The management interface is well-designed, and full of information and configuration options. The device is easy to deploy but for optimal configuration purposes, a solution provider would be well-advised to become familiar with the setting options, policies and rules before configuring them.

Although Fortinet emphasizes there is no learning curve with this product, the FortiGate is a sophisticated device, and not one that a network administrator would want to breeze blithely through while setting it up. The management interface includes a series of widgets that can be added, changed and moved around. One widget gives all information about licensing and FortiGuard subscriptions the software components like IPS definitions, antivirus Definitionsetc. For review purposes, we set up a Protection Profile that had Web content filtering, logging and IM blocked.

The appliance did a good job of instantly stopping what we specified to be blocked or logged. By default, when the Web content filtering blocks a client from accessing a particular site, the user is given the option to have the rating of the Web page re-evaluated.

A form, filled out online by the user is sent to the administrator for review of the request. The firewall is robust in that it is not only a Layer 2 firewall but Layer 3 as well. The FortiGate also has provisions for endpoint security. Endpoints are added to the list when it uses a firewall policy that has "Endpoint Compliance Check" enabled. You can also configure software detection to determine whether endpoints have a specific application installed.

The help topic relates to the specific area of the interface you are in, a feature that is so helpful and so woefully lacking in other UTMs we have tested. However, subscription services and SSL features are not limited by the number of users. Value propositions for partners include enhanced security, hardware, maintenance and subscription services. Subscription renewals go to the partner, so there is a constant revenue stream there.

The partner perks, not to mention the robust security of this device, offset the initial price of the appliance. Related Topics:.


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