Greater emphasis is now being given to the integrity of electrical circuits which maintains the functional safe working condiitions of such equipment and systems. Prysmian FPS is a new generation fire resistant power cable designed to meet the much more onerous fire survival requirement now considered appropriate for such applications. Examples of low voltage power cable circuits which are required to remain operational under such conditions include : Fire Fighting Lift Shafts - pressurisation, emergency lighting, lift power Fire Suppression Systems - watermist, sprinkler pumps and hose reels Escape Systems - smoke and fire barriers, smoke fans, smoke curtains Prysmian FPS Fire Resistant FPS Power Cables Approvals : BS - Category 1,2 and 3 BS - F, minutes fire, water jet and direct impact BS - minutes fire, water jet and direct impact BASEC - Approved London Underground - Approved Afumex - Reduced flame propagation, low smoke and corrosive gas emission Prysmian FPs is easy to install, requires no special tools and can be terminated, glanded and cleated like a standard armoured power cable allowing significant savings compared with MICC cables. Prysmian FPS Cable sets the highest standard in stranded armour cables for protected circuits for emergency electrical services in large or complex buildings, where only the best performing fire resistant power cable can provide the necessary protection.

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Similar enhanced requirements are being considered for other applications such as fire-fighting lifts. Work is now in progress within BSI to publish the cable test method as a stand alone test standard in order to facilitate its use by a wider range of users. FP is a unique enhanced fire resistant power cable which enables the highest minute rating of these new performance requirements to be met with an easy to install cable that requires no special tools or techniques.

These new requirements often result in the issue of new test standards. Major changes to standard test requirements do not occur often, but invariably result in development activity by manufacturers and the resulting introduction of new or revised products. However, four years later, the changes driven by BS have become well understood and accepted and a wide range of products meeting its requirements is now available on the market.

Increased choice may appear welcome, but it puts a greater responsibility on the user to ensure that the best product choice is made. Consideration must be given to issues such as correct approvals for the specific application, demonstration of consistent performance through product certifi cation schemes such as BASEC, track record of trouble free installation and ongoing quality of supply and availability of accurate technical support.

BS is not the only British Standard infl uencing cable fi re resistance test standards, and it is therefore necessary to review what is happening with other standards. To read full article please download below article on Fire Resistant Cables.


Fire Resistant Cables by Prysmian



Prysmian FP600 Cable


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