Its release continues what has been an unending battle for those who believe that the former Penn State leaders perhaps made some misjudgments about how to handle Sandusky but did nothing intentionally wrong, and that a vaunted football program was scapegoated. Even its airing has been contentious. After the university leadership sat on the report, given to them last summer, alumni trustee and Chester County businessman Anthony Lubrano bought ads in the Centre Daily Times and paid for a plane to fly over Beaver Stadium during football games pulling a banner that asked Penn State president Eric Barron, "What are you hiding? Release the Report! A scandal begins Freeh was hired in the weeks after a grand jury indicted Sandusky in November for sexually abusing boys and accused former athletic director Tim Curley and vice president Gary Schultz of failing to report his misconduct and lying under oath.

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The report concluded that Paterno, president Graham Spanier, athletic director Tim Curley and vice president Gary Schultz "failed to protect against a child sexual predator harming children for over a decade.

Sexual abuse might have been prevented if university officials had banned Sandusky from bringing children onto campus after a inquiry, the report said. Despite their knowledge of the police probe into Sandusky showering with a boy in a football locker room, Spanier, Paterno, Curley and Schultz took no action to limit his access to campus, the report said. The access, the report states, "provided Sandusky with the very currency that enabled him to attract his victims.

He said the collective inaction and mindset at the top of the university trickled all the way down to a school janitor who was afraid for his job and opted to not report seeing sex abuse in a school locker room in The report also singled out the revered Penn State football program -- one built on the motto "success with honor" -- for criticism.

Investigators, however, found no evidence linking his retirement to the police investigation. The report disclosed that Spanier also approved a lump-sum payment of , to Sandusky, which other officials said may have been unprecedented. More than current or former school employees were interviewed since November, including nearly everyone associated with the football program under Paterno. With the report now complete, the NCAA said Penn State now must address four key questions concerning "institutional control and ethics policies," as outlined in a letter sent to the school last fall.

Department of Education is examining whether the school violated the Clery Act, which requires reporting of certain crimes on campus, including ones of a sexual nature. And no record exists of Paterno, Curley or assistant coach Mike McQueary reporting that McQueary saw Sandusky in a shower with a boy in , as they would be obligated to do under the Clery Act.

Armas reported from Scranton and Scolforo from Harrisburg. Tim Reynolds in Miami contributed to this report.


PSU Freeh report: Key quotes

By Charles Thompson cthompson pennlive. But, much like other critiques of the Freeh Report before it, it mostly asks its readers to reconsider existing evidence rather than delivering new revelations that upset fact patterns as they have emerged over the last decade. The alumni findings. They note, in their review of the interview transcripts, that 44 out 64 persons asked felt that Paterno, while a powerful football coach and key figure at Penn State, stayed in his lane when it came to university governance and observed a chain of command with the athletic director and president. Report to the Board of Trus


Penn State alumni trustees attack Freeh investigation into Jerry Sandusky scandal

Dranov testified that he questioned Mike three times about what McQueary saw, and each time McQueary kept going back to what he heard. And I think you need more than anecdotal evidence or speculative evidence. Freeh was hired by Nasser Kazeminy to conduct an independent investigation into alleged financial improprieties in the relationship between Kazeminy and former Senator Norm Coleman that surfaced during the final week of the Minnesota Senate race. McQueary estimated that the boy was roughly a foot shorter than Sandusky. University police eavesdropped on conversations during which the mother confronted Sandusky about the incident.


Freeh Report rebukes PSU for concealing abuse

But the materials that Pope and six other trustees had to sue the university to obtain are still under seal according to a court order. So yesterday, Pope called on the full board to release the page report as early as their next meeting, on July 20th. Not to mention the media. The full board of trustees, Pope noted yesterday, never voted to formally adopt the findings of the Freeh Report, which found that Penn State officials had covered up the sex crimes of Jerry Sandusky. That internal page report and the materials it draws upon may still be privileged and confidential. In the executive summary, the trustees faulted Freeh and his investigators for their "willingness. Freeh, the executive summary states, also relied on "deeply flawed" procedures for interviewing witnesses.

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