Posts: 5 Received 0 Votes on 0 Posts I believe you misunderstood about the red light. The powerhead lights were solid red only when I first plugged the opener in after swapping out the circuit board. This was before I started programming the limits. Once I programmed the upper and lower limits, there was no red light at all. If, when I first plugged the opener in, I got a FLASHING red light instead of solid, that would mean that the circuit board was wrong or it was wired incorrectly or something like that. So at that initial pre-programming stage, solid red is NOT a sign of a problem, just a sign it is not yet read to use till it is programmed.

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See below for compatibility Replacing the Optical Encoder may resolve the issue of short travel problems or drifting limits on the garage door opener. Refer to your Owners Manual or Installation Poster for proper assembly and carefully read and understand all warnings and cautions pertaining to your unit. Pull emergency release cord on carriage to disengage opener to close door if necessary. If unable to lower door using opener, use extreme caution manually closing door.

Before pulling emergency release cord, make certain people and objects are clear of door opening. Unplug opener power cord from power receptacle. Open lens cover by pressing middle tab inward and remove light bulbs.

Use small common screwdriver to press in on orange tabs while gently pulling wires from block. Mark wires to help facilitate replacement. Push cover forward slightly and allow the motor cover to swing down to access control board and wire harnesses.

Unplug the following harnesses from the control board. Powerhead cover can now be removed from opener chassis for repair. Special care should be taken to prevent damage to motion detector bulb located on bottom of motor cover. If equipped. Check opto harness board connector. If it matches the 6 pin harness attached to replacement opto assembly proceed to step If the harness is a 4 pin type, replace harness with 4 pin type harness included with the kit.

Install opto end of harness to opto plug A. Remove the 2 opto cover screws from bottom of motor and discard opto assembly.

Install replacement opto assembly onto motor. If necessary, orient opto wheel slightly to align engagement lugs with motor lugs. DO NOT remove mylar cover. Opto assembly should easily fit flush with motor. Install screws. Hang powerhead cover to chassis to connect all harnesses removed in step 8. Be certain to install all harnesses in the correct position being sure to install with locking tabs facing each other.

Swing powerhead cover up onto chassis and secure using screws removed in step 6. Install wall control and Safe-T-Beam wires. Install light bulbs and close lens cover. Reapply power to the Genie garage door opener. Limit controls may require adjustment and full function test should be performed. Refer to owners manual for detailed information. Visit our website for installation and programming instructions.


SilentMax 1000 garage door opener by Genie

Select a best garage door opener from top brands is not an easy task. Most of the people on the universe wish to complete their works with a less effort only. For those type of people, the great scientists in our world inventing the various devices with the technology. And these type of inventions makes the human efforts less.


Troubleshooting garage door opener (genie silentmax 1000)

Tagrel Installation process just takes 3 t0 4 hours to complete. JM January 12, Last week it started to act up and not close or open. Leggs May 17, Highly recommend this garage door opener. The SilentMax is an excellent product.


Electric Garage Door Opener Stopped Working – No Power – Green Light Not Lit

It will not open the garage door because the unit is not turning on. The unit is over 2 years old. It is plugged into the electrical outlet. The outlet has power. No GFCI on outlet.

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