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I am not sure that Gavin, who was a truly humble person, was fully aware of the thousands of lives that he profoundly influenced. UCT awards honorary degrees on one of two grounds: exceptional academic contributions or contributions to society; Gavin would have been eligible on both grounds. He was at the forefront of the development of techniques for applying economic theory and principles to the health sector … Probably Prof.

In particular, he has led the way in challenging the prevailing orthodoxy in much of health economics, which prioritises concerns with efficiency over the distributional consequences of decisions. Subsequently, we were able to secure Mellon Mentorship and other grants, which allowed Gavin and Del to spend a few months each year for four years in our unit. His main brief was to mentor staff in publishing their research findings and our publication record has soared!

She chose coal mining, which primarily feeds the production of electricity, in South Africa as her main case study. While Del lived to see her doctorate awarded, its publication as a book by Routledge Press will be posthumous a draft was filed the week before her death. She was the one who forged the links with our other doctoral candidates, which led to Gavin contributing to mentoring and developing young health economists in several other African countries particularly Ghana and Nigeria.

Their first stint in Cape Town in coincided with our deeply shameful xenophobic violence and Del volunteered at the local refugee centre. She was distressed by the limited support that could be offered to families who feared for their lives daily. Throughout their lives, Gavin and Del have demonstrated what it means to speak truth to power, to be public intellectuals, activist academics, thinkers and doers.

Gavin supported us in our fight for a universal health system never mincing his words and to build a decent society based on the health system as a solid social institution.

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