So QED and stuff. You are quite welcome. Nope nope nope. Absolutely not. What do you see here?

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It was actually interesting to see a different setting than Atlanta as this story takes place in Philadelphia. Adam is an insurance adjuster and as such, he will have to enforce the retribution clause in the policy of a client.

What does that mean? Him and his partner Siroun have to go and kill whoever killed her. And this time it does: You see, insurance policies in post-shift Philadelphia may have retribution clauses. If your spouse kills you, insurance agents will ensure your murderer gets the same fate. Her powers are used in police investigations sometimes to ask the victims about their death. Some magic is keeping him alive again and with her.

Holly is now called in to investigate a crime that resembles one she had already investigated. Turns out the killer found a witch to resurrect his old victims and live his killings all over again, and now Holly has to figure out who is helping him and how to stop them.

The romance is sweet and hopeful which contrasts nicely with their hunt for a magical serial killer who is resurrecting his victims to kill them again. Snow goes missing somehow. Alongside her vampire partner, Ellinghaus, they work for The Company where they register the post-dead and help them with the transition to their new lifestyle. He finally tracks down those responsible for his original death and we learn how and why he died.

We also get to ride along with him on his quest with his futuristic car, "Silicon Lily". The ending involves a shape-changing, self-aware car from the future as a love interest. As a zombie, he needs magic pills and concoctions from madam Macabre to feel anything at all, and he is growing weary of his un-life. Finally, he is about to find out why he was targeted and killed. They are partnered together unwillingly and these two fight together in a demon killing job that leads to more than just kill the monsters.

Forced to partner together in a demon killing mission, Summer and Jimmy complete their bloody task and then fall into bed together. That or memory loss. The only person who can stop his death, is her. But the price of his salvation may be a broken heart.

These two team up to retrieve an abject from a demon from hell. A much too handsome and definitely too honorable guy has his own reasons for helping her. In Hell. Together with her former, much too ethical mentor, Ethan, they make their way to Hell, only to discover that Phoebus is not the only one who wants to own the prize inside the box.

This leads Odysseus Grant to the scheme. She then sees something completely out of the ordinary and follows Grant out of the casino. He found someone playing magical tricks i. Julie, a card dealer at the Blackjack table, decided to tag along since she was both curious and had a small magical talent of her own.


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