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Applying as a Member of the Family Class: Sponsorship of adopted children and other relatives In June , we changed our mailing address. You now need to send your application to our office in Sydney. If you send your application to our office in Mississauga, it will be sent back to you. Find the mailing address in the instruction guide.

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I apologize in advance for the length of this question. I am an outland applicant applying for permanent residence status as the common law partner of long standing 15 years of a Canadian citizen who lives with me in the UK and wishes to return with me to Canada to live. She is sponsoring me. Our applications to sponsor and to apply for residency respectively were sent off to Mississauga earlier this month.

Refer to the CIC website [link] for further instructions. I have the latest version of Adobe Reader on my computer already and if one opens the link via Adobe Reader one gets simply a copy of Form to complete ie no instructions. Moreover those instructions say nothing about the form having to be completed for the principal applicant me. That is mystery number one albeit a minor mystery.. My primary difficulty however is with form itself. It contains 3 sections. There is no note 1 anywhere to be seen: the form is one page and contains no notes.

Nor does the guide contain any note 1. Does anyone know where I can find this alleged note? So who do I refer to here? In the form IMM I sent to Mississauga I gave details of my judicially separated wife but added a note and supplementary documents to show that she was not a dependant. Apparently that was not acceptable. I also have difficulty with Section B.

None of them are dependants. This certificate, which I cannot possibly truthfully sign because I have 3 children , makes no reference to the dependent status of those children. So what do I do? Complete the section with the names etc of my 3 independent middle aged children? Alter the certificate and certify that I have no dependent children?

I can complete Section C which requires details of brothers and sisters. There are 2 of them, one is 69 and the other over 70 and neither of them is a dependent. But I suppose I must list them! For what purpose other than bureaucracy I really cannot say! Any thoughts by suitably qualified persons to give advice? And please dont tell me to see a lawyer. I have been a lawyer myself for over 50 years and am well qualified to look after my own legal interests!

The problem is these very poorly drafted forms, completing which is something like tackling the Times crossword. If no one on this forum can help am I likely to get any help if I telephone the High Commission? Does anyone know the appropriate number?


Form IMM 5406



Applying as a Member of the Family Class: Sponsorship of adopted children and other relatives






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