There is no more effective way of telling a story, especially one punctuated by the visually arresting exploits of super-heroes. And comic books are also ideal venues for presenting dreams and myths. For what are dreams but a species of graphic communication, using symbols and metaphors to penetrate beneath the surface and reveal the hidden meaning of things? For these reasons, one might expect that a comic book about September 11 might express truths that could not otherwise be easily expressed.

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Minor mishapsa clogged drain, running late for an appointmentsend me into a sky-is-falling tizzy. Minor mishaps—a clogged drain, running late for an appointment—send me into a sky-is-falling tizzy. His teenage daughter was in her school — which was directly below the towers — when the attack happened. The personal horrors that his family experienced and his torment and panic over those chaotic days soon turns into white-hot anger at the U.

Government, which utilized the events for their own predetermined agendas. In these collection of original artworks, along with 2 of his essays and 10 old American newspaper comic strip reproductions from early twentieth century where published in a beautifully crafted, over-sized book which opens vertically, and each page made using heavy board stock paper which perfectly confines the work by Spiegelman.

This is not a book which describes a linear story, but it is a collection or rather a collage made out of a selection of artworks and cartoon strips which allows the reader a level of interaction where he can follow the narrations in any order chosen by his own comfort and like a puzzle piece by piece the big picture slowly emerges in front of his eyes. The large-scale format of the paper allows Spiegelman to juxtapose his fragmentary thoughts on the event in different visual renderings and styles, which are full of outrage, wit and aggravation.

The non-linear way of narration also adds to the depth of the experience. Some of the cartoon panels and accompanying text in the book have sharp hints of humor with an undercurrent of melancholy.

The straightforward nature of drawn images and localized narratives that are offered by the graphic narrative space makes complex socio-political cataclysms more controllable and presentable for the author and this strength of the graphic medium is utilized to the most by Art Spiegelman in this book. Note: Physically this is a very large book and weighs a lot — almost 1. Readers will also find it difficult to hold the book and handle it during reading.


In the Shadow of No Towers

English Released from to , In the Shadow of No Towers is a series of comic strips by American cartoonist, Art Spiegelman, based entirely around his reaction to the September 11th attacks. Originally serialized in the German paper Die Zeit, the strips were collected into an oversized board book in by Viking Adult. Created as a way for Spiegelman to process his witnessing of the attacks and to avoid PTSD , No Towers is a harrowing addition to the moving, intellectual non-fiction comix that the man is known for. In addition to his own strips, many of the early 20th century comics that inspired Spiegelman and whom he included as characters and allusions appear as supplemental material in the back of the book. The work of George Herriman, Lionel Feininger, Winsor McCay, Fredrik Opper and George MacManus populate the back pages, but their characters and styles appear off and on through No Towers - initially allowing Spiegelman escapism from the attacks, but later became visual hallmarks and symbols throught the strips. In the Shadow of No Towers is an incredible work of comix art. Merging history with the present, fact with fiction, reality and fantasy, comedy and tragedy, Art Spiegelman created one of the defining works concerning the attack on the World Trade Center, and his wit, panelling and skills as a comic book master make this book a brilliant, satirical masterwork.


In The Shadow Of No Towers

Confronting the tragedy directly, without any sugar-coating, these artworks contributed to the nation moving forward and regaining emotional control over the situation. Additionally, these pieces recorded a plethora of responses to these events. The September 11 art pieces are diverse, ranging from depictions of personals experiences to artworks paying homage to the experiences of others, or lives that have been lost[1]. Featured image: Tribute in Light, via nbcnews. Originally featured serially in the German newspaper Die Zeit between and , it was later published as an oversized board book along with early American comic strips. Spiegelman himself stated that the comic served as a way for him to overcome the post-traumatic stress disorder he suffered after the attacks. It has also served as an inspiration for a symphony by Mohammed Fairouz.


In the Shadow of No Towers by Art Spiegelman


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