I will tell you in next paragraph and select the Part or even Chapter to read first. Here I am putting my own experience as example- So when I bought this book and coming back to my place then in the taxi I was just checking the content and I found, there was a lot of things or should I say Chapters instead of things to be professional…. HAHA which I already knew and decided that I would read Historical Aspect with History and Preamble of Indian Constitution would be the part to read very first and eventually when arrived on the topics which I already knew, I did not pay any special attention just because which I already knew. So, Introduction to The Constitution of India By Aacharya Durga Das Basu is a multi directional book and the latest version is highly updated till th Constitutional Amendments Act, which is very very useful for those who are appearing in Civil Service Examination because in this exam aspirant need to know the most updated information and trust me this book can be read once in maximum 15 days if one is reading 8 to 10 hours every day.

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Basu — Key Features The book offers a systematic study of the Indian Constitution, by dividing it into logical chapters and headings. This scholarly work not only elaborates various provision of the Constitution of India but also covers the historical background of the constitution, its philosophy, outstanding features, nature of the federal system etc. General readers, politicians, journalists, statesmen, administrative authorities, students, and competitive examinations aspirants should find this book useful.

Various tables are added towards the last pages of the book, which really adds value Eg: the Constitution Amendment acts, the structure of Judiciary etc. Click to buy the book online from Amazon. About the author — D. Basu Durga Das Basu is remembered as a legend in the world of law. They also provide content-enabled workflow solutions for professionals. LexisNexis has published popular works of eminent authors like D. The book is written in a manner to generate curiosity and interest in the Indian Polity and Constitution.

How can you buy Introduction to the Constitution of India by D. Introduction to the Constitution of India by D.


Introduction to the Constitution of India by D. D. Basu – Book Review

The book is considered suitable for students enrolled in study programs in LL. It will supply the long felt need for an introductory study on the Constitution for the general readers, politicians as well as students and candidates for the Public Service Commission and other competitive examinations. It traces the constitutional history of India since the Government of India Act, ; analyses the provisions of the present Constitution and explains the inter-relation between its diverse contents. It gives an account of the working of each of the provisions of the Constitution during its first decade with reference to statutes and decisions wherever necessary, together with a critical estimate of its trends, in a concluding chapter.

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DD Basu Indian Polity Book


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