This mosfet can drive loads upto 23A and can support peak current upto A. It also has a threshold voltage of 4V, which means it can easily driven by low voltages like 5V. Hence it is mostly used with Arduino and other microcontrollers for logic switching. Speed control of motors and Light dimmers are also possible with this Mosfet since it has good switching characteristics.

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With that fixed, it was time to replace the IRF The Search I scoured the usual places such as mouser. My next stop was ebay. Surely this was the best deal. What could possibly go wrong? With the idle amperage at. The problem was that it would bump up to about. With very very small adjustments, I got it to pull just 1. The power draw slowly crept up past 2 amps, and if I let it go it would draw even more.

While experimenting with it, it suddenly drew about 10 amps, and I heard a crackling sound and saw magic smoke rise from the board surrounding the IRF PA. Oh no! Thankfully only one trace was burned, and it was easy to repair with a bit of wire under the board. I put in a new IRF and tried the procedure again. It was also very sensitive to adjustment, and was very quick to overheat. I installed another IRF at least I had a pack of 5, right? I began to suspect that they were not genuine, but counterfeit.

How could I prove it, though? Friend or Faux? Which one is real? Many folks responded. For the one on the right, it was said that it was fake because of the tinned leads, thin heat sink, the writing on it, and more.

The one on the left was said to be fake because of lack of notches in the heat sink, the writing looked stamped instead of etched and some other more vague reasons.

Out of 37 direct votes, 21 people chose the one on the left to be the genuine IRF, and 16 people chose the one on the right to be the real IRF The Proof is In The Pudding! It tuned right up and it was a breeze to set the bias as previously described. It has since transmitted JT65 successfully, and does not overheat or draw excessive amperage. It truly is the genuine piece. Get on with it! Yes yes, okay. Here you go. How can you avoid getting a counterfeit fake, relabeled part?

Stick with Mouser or Digikey or another retailer that you trust. Also: too good to be true IS too good to be true. I hope you found this article informative. Feel free to leave your comments below. In the mean time here are a couple of interesting links to articles and videos about fake semiconductors:.





IRF511 MOSFET. Datasheet pdf. Equivalent


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