A technician has been called on site to help a user who has a laptop problem. At which point should the technician look online for additional possible solutions to a laptop problem? Establish a theory of probable cause. Test the theory to determine the cause. Establish a plan of action to resolve the problem and implement the solution. Verify full system functionality and, if applicable, implement preventive measures.

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The device sandbox, remote lock, or an app source Play Store or iTunes are other features and functions related to security and app downloading. What are two ways that iOS differs from Android? Choose two. In iOS, the icon for an app represents the app itself. Deleting the icon in iOS deletes the app. In Android, the icon on the Home screen is a shortcut to the app. In iOS, apps can only appear on screens, whereas in Android, apps can appear on screens and in folders.

In iOS, folders are created by dragging one app on top of another app, but in Android folders must be created from the home screen menu. Explanation: Apple iOS devices have a physical Home button that has many uses. One of the uses of the Home button is navigation between screens. Android uses navigation icons instead of a physical Home button.

In addition, much like a Windows OS, apps in Android are represented by icons that are shortcuts to the actual app. In iOS, the icons are the apps. Deleting an icon in Android deletes only the shortcut. However, the entire app is deleted from an iOS device when its icon is deleted.

What are two purposes of the passcode lock feature on mobile devices? Personal data will not usually be erased from some mobile devices unless the number of failed passcode login attempts exceeds a threshold. Remote lock allows the device to be locked from a remote location. A factory reset returns the device to the original operation state when the device was first purchased. Various applications such as email or cloud storage can provide synchronization capabilities to be able to restore and re-synchronize information such as user data, contacts, and email on a mobile device.

Refer to the exhibit. What two statements are true about the mobile operating system screen shown? ITE v7. The area that is highlighted displays background processes and indicators. This is a Windows Phone screen.

This is an Android screen. This is an iOS screen. Explanation: The highlighted area shows the Android operating system navigation icons. From left to right they are Back, Home, and Recent Apps. Which two methods are commonly used to remove the default restrictions and protections added to mobile operating systems?


IT Essentials (ITE v6.0 + v7.0) Chapter 7 Exam Answers 100%

IEEE Bluetooth network technology commonly provides the connectivity. Choose three. The network is small with fewer than eight users.



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