Galmaran The first, issued Nov. Does this slow start to the season mean anything for the rest sxndusky winter ahead? Sign up for our Lehigh Valley School Zone education newsletter. Please log in using one of these methods to post your comment: Curley testified that he also advised Penn State University President Graham Spanier of the information he had received from the graduate assistant and the steps he had taken as a result. Notify me of new posts via email. He believed the sounds to be those of sexual activity.

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Sandusky "Sandusky" occurring over a period of years while Sandusky was a football coach with the Pennsylvania State University "Perm State" football team and after he retired from coaching. The Thirty-third Statewide Investigating Grand Jury issues this presentment in furtherance of its ongoing investigation of this matter and hereby incorporates all of its previous findings from Presentment No.

Victim No. From to , Victim 9 participated in a number of Second Mile camps and activities. Victim 9 testified that during his second summer attending Second Mile camps, he met Sandusky while participating in a pool activity as part of the Second Mile camp. Sandusky approached him, asked him about his life and spoke with him about hobbies and activities that 1 interested the child. After speaking for a while, Sandusky expressed an interest in spending time in the future with Victim 9.

At the time of this initial contact, Victim 9 would have been 11 or 12 years old. Over time, he also gave Victim 9 a number of gifts and even provided him with money. Victim 9 would often spend overnights with Sandusky and be returned to his home, following these visits, by Sandusky. Victim 9 testified that Sandusky was a veiy affectionate person. The victim testified "I took it at first he was just a nice guy, like he went to church every weekend, his kids would come over every once in a while and stuff.

And after a while, like, he got used to me and stuff and started getting further and further, wanting - to touchy feely". He further stated that, in the beginning, Sandusky started out with hugging, rubbing, cuddling and tickling. These contacts, initially viewed by the victim as simple acts of affection, escalated to sexual assaults.

Victim 9 testified that, during his overnight visits with Sandusky, he always stayed in a bedroom located in the basement of the Sandusky home. He stated that there were a number of bedrooms located elsewhere in the home and that a least two of these were not occupied. Victim 9 was always, without exception, told to sleep in the basement bedroom.

Victim 9 testified that Sandusky specifically toid him to stay in the basement unless otherwise directed by Sandusky. He ate meals in the basement and the food would be brought to him by Sandusky. Victim 9 testified that he spent overnights in the Sandusky home on numerous occasions between the ages of 12 and He specifically testified that she "never" came into the basement when he was there.

Victim 9 described a pattern of sexual assaults by Sandusky over a period of years. The victim testified that Sandusky forced him to perform oral sex on numerous occasions. Sandusky also attempted to engage in anal penetration of Victim 9 on at least sixteen occasions and at times did penetrate him. Victim 9 also testified that Sandusky would take him to a hotel in the State College area. At this hotel Sandusky would utilize the swimming pool, Jacuzzi and work out equipment.

These visits often occurred at times when the pool was not occupied. Victim 9 testified that on one of these visits, when only he and Sandusky were in the pool, Sandusky exposed his erect penis to the victim.

He stated that at other times Sandusky had him touch his erect penis and perform oral sex on him during some of these visits to the hotel.

Sandusky frequently told him thai he loved and cared for him. He also told the victim to keep these things a secret. He describes himself as a troubled child who was referred to The Second Mile at the recommendation of a counselor because he was experiencing difficulties in his home life. He and other boys then went to Holuba Hall where they played football until it was time to go to the Penn State football game.

Victim 10 testified that he went to several games and attended meals at the Sandusky home and tailgates given by the Sanduskys. The boy was startled by the act. He testified that Sandusky repeated this behavior on several subsequent occasions, wrestling with him in the basement and then performing oral sex on him. Victim 10 testified that towards the end of their idationship, Sandusky asked the boy to perform oral sex on him and Victim 10 did so.

Victim 10 described how Sandusky indecently touched him in the outdoor pool on campus. Sandusky would swirn underneath Victim 10 and put Victim 10 up on his shoulders. This happened several times. Sandusky took Victim 10 shopping, buying him gifts of clothes and shoes. Sandusky frequently told the boy thai he loved him. Sandusky was driving his car and Victim 10 was his front seat passenger.

Sandusky opened his pants, exposing his penis and indicated that he wanted Victim 10 to perform oral sex on him. Victim 10 refused and Sandusky was displeased with his refusal. Victim 10 testified that after that, he told his foster mother he did not wish to spend any more time with Sandusky. Victim 10, following the initial arrest of Sandusky, contacted the Office of Attorney General through its Child Exploitation Tip line on the Office of Attorney General Website to report his victimization.


Read the grand jury presentment on the Jerry Sandusky case here

His father Arthur served in the field of youth service programs for over 30 years, mostly as director of the Brownson House in Washington, Pennsylvania , a community recreation center for children. He improved the facilities there by adding a new playground, gym, outdoor basketball court, and a renovated football field. He managed the Washington baseball team that won the Pony League World Series championship , the only team from Washington to win that championship. Arthur was inducted into the Pennsylvania Sports Hall of Fame in


Jerry Sandusky






Read the Grand Jury presentment


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