Start your review of Pasado perfecto Mario Conde, 1 Write a review Recommends it for: readers who like their crime languid and tropical Recommended to Lance by: Anthony Bourdain Shelves: fiction-mystery-detective , reviewed What does crime look like on a tropical island isolated for two generations from its nearest neighbor, laboring under an authoritarian gerontocracy? Surprisingly and, perhaps, disappointingly , it looks much like crime in that much richer, less tropical neighbor. Naturally, all is not what it seems to be. Conde is a vividly realized character. He grumbles about his superiors and takes advantage of Manuel Palacios, his long-suffering detective sergeant.

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He became known as an essayist and a writer of screenplays and in particular, detective novels. He wrote his first short novel between and Titled Fiebre de caballos Horse Fever , it was basically a love story.

During the next six years, he continued to work as a journalist, reporting on a wide range of cultural and historical topics. However, around this time he began to write his first novel featuring police officer Mario Conde. While he was writing it, Padura realised how fundamental his years as a journalist were to his development as a writer. Firstly it gave him a whole new experience of the country, and secondly, it changed his style with respect to his first book.

But this is very much his niche: he is widely seen as the best writer in Cuba, a country whose best writers were all formed before Castro rule. He offers us an off-the-beaten-path visit of a relatively closed society, a prose that is free of propaganda though not liberated from surveillance.

By occupying a small but significant critical space in Cuba, Padura becomes more interesting for Cuba observers and more intriguing for students of cultural and literary trends in the island.

Collectively titled Las cuatro estaciones The four seasons , they are sometimes called The Havana Quartet in their English translations. Conde is a cop who would rather be a writer, and admits to feelings of "solidarity with writers, crazy people, and drunkards". An English-language remake named Havana Quartet was considered by Starz , with Antonio Banderas tagged to act as Conde, [6] [7] but it did not proceed beyond the development stage.

This prize should not be confused with the similarly named Hammett Prize given by the North American branch of the organization, which is restricted to United States and Canadian authors. At almost pages, it is his most accomplished work and the result of more than five years of meticulous historical research. The novel, published in September , attracted a lot of publicity mainly because of its political theme.


Leonardo Padura Fuentes

Achtergrond[ bewerken brontekst bewerken ] Leonardo Padura studeerde in af in de Latijns-Amerikaanse literatuurwetenschap aan de Universiteit van Havana. Zijn reportages bleken populair te zijn, mede omdat hij geregeld niet voor de hand liggende en ongemakkelijke onderwerpen behandelde. Daarnaast schreef hij essays over literatuur. In werd Padura hoofdredacteur van het cultuurtijdschrift La Gaceta de Cuba, wat hij zes jaar zou blijven.


Pasado perfecto



Pasado perfecto, Leonardo Padura


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