We found the built-in trap door to be a good spot the keep a rolled up Bore Snake for quick barrel cleaning. We have had zero problems with this setup. The UBR Gen2 adjusts to seven different positions. The end of the main tube aligns with markers for the longer settings on the stock. I mean that it locks into place and does not even twitch.

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I have one on my ART and here are my observations. In order for it to work with the charging handle, the cheekpiece is too far back to make it practical to actually use. Then the LOP adjustment is basically the same length closed as an A2 stock and then only adjusts around The buttstock hook is way too far forward.

I just was plain disappointed with the PRS stock. In the end I prefer a standard A2. I think one would be better served getting an A1 stock and fitting it with an adjustable buttplate.

In regards to the UBR. Quick adjustable LOP and rock solid. Goes from very short to quite long. I think longer than an A2 Forward and rear flushcups.

It also has a nice flare to the cheekpiece for better cheekweld. I like the raked angle of the bottom of the stock much better than the PRS, it sorta reminds me of the A2. There are raised portions on the covers of the compartment that aid in holding the stock up into the shoulder. The rear portion works fine with a bag. I feel that the UBR is a very well thought out and put together design.

It locks up just as tight as the day I got it.

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Magpul Ubr



Приклад Magpul UBR телескопический



Magpul UBR stock for precision work?


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