These buttons make operations simple. The illustrations may differ from the buttons on your telephone. Used to answer an incoming call. Used to receive an incoming intercom call in the hands-free mode or mute the microphone during a conversation. Used to place a call on hold. Used for System Speed Dialling or storing programme changes.

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Model No. Single line de vices such as a Single Line T elephone, f acsimile, cordless teleph The ter m "he" These n oise sou rces can interfer e with the performanc e of the un it.

Each shelf contains i ts own p ower supply. You can c onnect u p to lines includi ng Extensi ons and CO l ine There are two types of paralle l conne ctions. Read this chapter to become familiar wit h the many useful feat ures of this system. Opera te the featur e dependi ng on the te lephone you are using. If you are using a Panaso nic Pro Panasonic KX-T - page 19 Operatio n User Ma nu al 19 The fun ctions o f Termina l Equipm ent are simi lar to Sin gle Line T elephon e functio ns exce pt for the followi ng feature s: Feature Numbers To ope rate certai n feature s, you need t o enter s pecified feature n umbers an d an addit ional parame ter, if requ ired.

There ar e two cate gories of featu re numbers as If your t elephone i s not a Panason ic Propri etary Teleph one with a dis play, the message will not be d isplay ed. Panasonic KX-T - page 21 Operatio n User Ma nu al 21 Icon Descriptions The fol lowing i cons show y ou the feat ure availa bility, n otes and a ction to o perate th e features. This fea ture cannot be operat ed with a Sin gle Line Te lephon e. Seize an external l ine One of the followi ng. Thes e buttons make ope rations s imple.

The ill ustrations may differ fr om the butt ons on yo ur telephone. Used to ans wer an inc om Rotate the Jog Di al in the either dir ection as desired. The cont rast or the volum e level and the items will change as follows : Left anticlockwise Le vel decreases T o the Using an account code Account Code Entry An Account Code gives inf ormation about outside calls for accounting and billing purposes. Y ou may not be able to mak e an outside call without an account code entr y depending on your account code entry mode.

Thom as You ca n then p erform othe r tasks at the same t ime. Helpful hints for the hands-free operation Use yo ur teleph one in a q uiet room fo Panasonic KX-T - page 28 Operat ion 28 User M anual Calling an ex ternal party You ha ve to se ize an ou tside li ne before dialling a n outside phone number be cause exte rnal call s are made via your sy stem.

With one button One-Touch Dialling — With one button — Using nu mbers stor ed at you r extensio n — Using nu mbers stor ed in the system — To a p re-set par ty by goin g off-hook — Using a single digit num ber — To a Pha ntom To store a phone number To dial Using numbers stored in the system System Speed Dialling You can make a call usi ng speed di al numbers - wh ich are pre viously stor Panasonic KX-T - page 33 Operatio n User Ma nu al 33 To a pre-set party by going off-hook Pickup Dialling You ca n make an extensio n or outs ide call s imply b y going off- hook if y ou pre-as signed.

To store a phone number Dial. Dial Enter a line access number Press " Features. Rotate Jog Dial until " Pickup Dial " is at the arrow. Enter quick dial number. The cal l arrive s at all extens ions who hav e the same Phantom ext ensio n numb er. Press Save. PT Save When you answe r the callb ac k ringi ng: For an outs ide call: The line is sei zed. For an int ercom c all: The c alle T his feat ure is on ly ava ilable i f the ca lled ex tension h as set the "Cal To check and select the party When yo u received mo re than one mes sage waitin g indications , you can sel ect the desire d party to call b a ck.

Panasonic KX-T - page 46 Operat ion 46 User M anual Joining an ex isting call Exe cutive Busy Override You can c all the par ty who is talking wit h another on the tele phone a nd then a th ree-party conver sation i s establis hed. Some extensio ns may b e restricted from per forming thi s function. To j oin To disconnect one party and talk with another when one of thes Y ou may not be ab le to make an outs ide call without an acco unt code entry de pendin g on your accou nt code entry mode.

One of three m odes is Yo u may o verride restrict ions which may be set at the exte nsion. To perform this fea ture, pr e-progra mmed walkin g COS password i s require d. Ask yo ur System Manager a However , you can c hange the m ethod tempo rarily. With V oice-Ca lling, you can ta lk to the Enter DISA phone number. In All Security Mode Enter desired number.

Enter pre-assigned DISA user code digits. DISA phone no. DISA user code desired no. You can e xtend the cal l duration time D efault: 3 m in by pr essing a ny key ex cept " " while hearing an al You can perfo rm other tasks at th e same time. You wi ll hear the caller talking wit hout the phone ringi ng. Off: Not set. Group Call Pickup: Picks up a c all ringi ng Plea se refer to "2.

Enter speaker number 1 or 2. If you press the ANS WER butto n to answer a new call du ring the cu rrent cal l, the current call will be dis connect Flashing red slowly: The call is placed on hold a t another e xtension. Panasonic KX-T - page 66 Operat ion 66 User M anual Denying other people the possibility of retrieving calls held at your extension Exclu sive Ca ll Hold To place a call on Exclusive Hold To r etrieve a call The call p laced on Ex clusive Hol d can only b e retrieved fr om the ex tension on which the call is held.

Panasonic KX-T - page 67 Operatio n User Ma nu al 67 Holding a call in a system call parking z one Call Park You ca n hold a c all in the s ystem comm on call parking z one and perfor m other operations.

The parke d call can be retrieved from any extension. U p to ca lls can be park ed in the sy stem. To set Dial Enter parking zone number Tone C. Tone Press " Features. During a conversation Enter another n umber. Tone Optional Enter parking zone number Then y ou can tal k to either one of two pa rties a lternately while putting the other on hold.

PT If another call out The ca ll will be transf erred to t he extens ion on which the P DN button associ ated with the SDN b utton assigne d to your Transfe rring a call to a n external part y Some ex tensions m ay be restri cted from performin g this fun ction. Panasonic KX-T - page 76 Operat ion 76 User M anual Answering a call waiting from the central office This is a n optional te lephon e company s ervice.

For m ore inform ation, consu lt your tel ephone compa ny. The original e Panasonic KX-T - page 79 Operatio n User Ma nu al 79 Letting a third party join your call Privacy Release To leave To talk to one party by terminati ng the other You ca n let a thi rd party j oin your current o utside c all.

There are two types of mute as follows: Handset Mute: During a conversa tion usin g the h andset. T his syste m allows you to si gnal the ot her end us ing DTM F tones dur ing an es tablish ed call. All Calls: A ll calls ar e forwarded to the p re- assign ed extensi on regardl ess of the sta tus of y our extension.

Busy: All c alls are fo rwarded to the pre-a ssigned Enter required number. Enter extension number. F rom destination OR Dial 0. Dial 8. Enter your extension number. T one C. A ca ll to ext ension A is f orwarded to e xtensio n B, but the call would not be for warded dire ctly to exte nsion C from A. This way th e caller w ill know when you wi ll be av ailable. You can choose one of nine


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