I was immediately worried by the lack of even the most basic English translation; I had expected that there would be a leaflet with at least a translation of the symbols, but no such luck. It took less than two hours for a good soul to find my cry for help and help me. Thanks, Kate! Be prepared for lots of nupps in the more interesting ones. The print quality is not the best these seem very old photos , but you get a good idea of the various patterns. A feature I particularly like is that for border patterns, the charts include a corner.

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I had to pay, but it was a reasonable price. It contains a treasure of Estonian lace patterns: Now then, talking Estonian lace, if you are a lace fanatic or just like to see beautiful things the following two books are highly recommended. These books contain history, techniques, stitches and patterns - I think you need both of them. I am also very fond the Kihnu Roosi books. It has beautiful pictures of handicrafts and contains a lot of pictures and charted patterns used for mittens and socks.

Sadly a lot of the more informative aspects of this book are lost to me since I have no knowledge of the Estonian language. Elo Lutsepp and Irina Tammis books "Eesti kindakirjad" and "Eesti sokikirjad" are nice books on mittens and socks, unfortunately only in Estonian. But there are lots of charts and pictures so if you apply yourself they are quite useful.

Both books are in Estonian and English. The first book "Eesti labakindad Note that the patterns are not for how to knit mittens. So they are useful if you know how to knit socks and mittens and want to pattern them. It has history, traditions, techniques and patterns.

A very good book to start with if you want to learn about Estonian knitting. This is also a very good book. Muhu handicraft has an unpredictable boldness in using colours and patterns" The book contains knitting, embroidery and crochet. The book shows socks, mittens, caps, jackets, shirts, bridal aprons, ribbons and belts amongst many other items. Lots of charts. Highly recommended. This is a really good read about Estonian gloves.

The book is about knitting gloves, personal texts and memories, folklore and old songs. No charts or patterns for mittens. Good photos of historical and modern knitted mittens. Very inspirational! One more post about books on Estonian knitting:.


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