She is called tripAda gAyatri having three sections of 8 syllables each. The mantrA is given below for reference only. May that supreme divine being enlighten our intellect, so that we may realise the supreme truth. A war begins between the two. This was due to the curse of prajApati in yonder years.

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Then do aachamanam Raksha Sprinkle some water on the place where japa was [performed reciting the manthra below, then touch the ground with ring finger and place it between the eyelids.

Adhya no deva savitha praja vath saavee soubhagam Para duswapneeya suva Viswani deva savitha —durithani paraa suvaa Yad bhadram thama asuva Summary meaning of Sandhya Vandhanam in English Sandhya Vandhanam-Part I- Argya pradhanam 1.

Aachamanam This is a preliminary purification ceremony. Gods Achyutha, Anantha and Govinda are saluted and then chanting the twelve names of Vishnu purifies the self. With four arms, thou art, Vishnu. Pranayamam Holy meditation This manthra is a guide to a breathing exercise as also a prayer. While chanting Om bhoo,Om Bhuva, Ogum Suva, Om Maha, om jana, om thapa, ogum satyam we are supposed to keep the left nostril closed and inhale through the right nostril.

After this the left nostril is opened and air exhaled till the end of the manthra. Hindus believed that that there were six holy worlds above the earth. These along with earth are remembered in the first part. These worlds are bhooloka, bhuvarloka, suvarloka, maharloka, janaloka, thapaloka and satya loka. The second part is the famous Gayathri manthram. It is also the holy seven worlds. Sankalpam our reason for the action This is a preliminary rite in every Vedic action.

We tell why we are doing what we do. Marjanam Holy bath by sprinkling water Salutations to Lord Kesava. It is well known that you Gods of water are the source of greatness in life. Please grant us the ethereal vision. Like the holy and dear mothers , grant us please the ultimate essence of happiness that you have.

We are praying you for that essence of happiness to posses, which you are personification of pleasure. You gods of water should through knowledge help us to be born holy in the next birth. Prasanam drinking water powered by Manthras Morning Really at dawn Let the sun God, the anger that makes every one its slave and the powers of God, which control anger save me from the sins committed while being angry.

Let the God of night remove the sins done by me using my mind, my voice, my hands, my legs, my belly and my penis and also any other sins that remain with me.

I offer myself to the great light of sun, after the purifications of my sins as a result of this prayer. Let this offering be done well Noon Let the god of water purify the earth, which is its source, and let the earth thus purified purify me.

Let it also purify my teacher who is the source of Vedas to me. Let Vedas, which are ever holy, purify me. Let the god of water purify me of my action in eating the remnants of food eaten by some one else, which are fit not to be eaten and also my bad habits, which are within me. Let it also purify me of my action in following the actions of bad people. I offer myself to thee God.

Evening really dusk Let the God of fire, the anger that makes every one its slave and the powers of God, which control anger save me from the sins committed while being angry. Let the God of day remove the sins done by me using my mind, my voice, my hands, my legs, my belly and my penis and also any other sins that remain with me. I offer myself to the great light, which gives Holy Communion with the ever shining, after the purifications of my sins as a result of this prayer.

Let this offering be done well 7. Aachamanam same as 1 8. Punar Marjanam repetition of the Holy bath by sprinkling water I salute that great God who holds the earth, who rules the world, who measures the world, who is victorious, and who has taken the form of Hayagreeva a form of Human with horses head who is the source of all knowledge and who is speed himself.

Let him make my face and all other organs smell good. Let him manage my life without problems. Salutations to Lord Kesava. Argya pradhanam Offering of water The God who is OM, I meditate on that glittering form of God who sharpens the intellect of those in the world of earth, the ether world of Bhuvar and the heaven Suvar and who has created all of us.

Prayaschitha Argyam same as 9 for offered for the delay Ikkyanusandhanam meditating on the oneness of truth This Sun god, this Brahmam and myself are one and the same. Ruling over the twelve different months. Pranayamam This manthra is a guide to a breathing exercise as also a prayer. Sankalpam This is a preliminary rite in every Vedic action. This is followed by Pranayamam whose meaning is given under sankalpam.

The goddess Gayathri who can give all desired boons, who is ever permanent, who is known by Vedas and who is the mother of all meters should come in me. Let this my prayer be granted. I request Gayathri to come within me, I request Savithri to come inside me, and I request Saraswathi to come inside me.

After blessing us who pray you, please be kind enough to bless us and go and occupy your place, which is in the holy peak, and be ever happy. Soorya upasthanam asking the Sun God to go back Morning I meditate on the greatness and fame of the Sun God who protects people, who is to be sung upon, who is forever and greatest among those who steal the mind.

He knows everything and guides people. He carries the earth and the heaven. He sees the world without blinking his eye at any time and forever. To get results, which are forever, I offer him this offering made of ghee. Oh Sun God who is Mithra. He who is protected by you never becomes sick and sins will not trouble hi, from far and near. Noon The sun God who is resplendent in his light of the soul and who travels with his visible light which makes the people of earth and heaven do their allotted duties , travels in his golden chariot inspecting all the worlds, We who see the sun God, who rises daily after swallowing darkness and who with his light protects the devas attain the glittering shine of the soul.

His horses, which are his rays, carry the Sun God who is well known in the Vedas and who knows everything and travel round the sky so that we the people of earth can all see him. The sun God who is like an eye to Mithra, Varuna and Agni and who is personification of all devas travels very high in the sky. The Sun god who is the soul of those who are mobile and also to those who are immobile spreads through out the heaven, earth and the atmosphere.

Rising in the east and doing good to all the gods the sun is like an eye. We will see him for hundred springs, WE would live for hundred springs, We would enjoy life with all those who are dear for hundred springs, We would live with fame for hundred springs, We would hear sweet words for hundred springs, We would live without being won by bad deeds for hundred springs, Like this we wish to see our dear Sun God for a long long time.

Let the Sun God who gives us all boons, who has reddish eyes, who knows everything, who shines in all directions and who rises from the middle of the vast ocean in the dawn make me holy with all his mind. Evening Oh god Varuna, please hear now this my prayer.

Make me happy just now for I pray you beseeching for protection. I pray you using manthras of Vedas for that purpose and fall at your feet. One who does fire sacrifice with offerings to the fire is also requesting for the same thing. Of Famous God Varuna, without neglect be pleased to hear my prayer.

Please never reduce my life span. Oh God Varuna, we might have neglected to worship you daily due to carelessness. Without knowing we men might have deceived the devas in worship, we might have spoiled your good deeds. Oh God Varuna, please do not punish us for these sins. WE might have been defamed without basis by bad people like gamblers.

We might have done sins fully knowing it. WE might have done sins without knowing it. Please destroy in to small pieces , all these without pain, Please keep me as one who is very dear to you. Samashti Abhivadanam Prayer to all Salutations to the goddess of dawn and dusk. Salutations to Goddess Savithri Salutations to Goddess Saraswathi Salutations and salutations to all Gods The crimes of passion and anger done by me were not done with full realization.

I beseech you again and again to pardon all those sins, which were done unknowingly by me. OH great one, I am follower of the pravara rishis called belonging to Gothra clan , following the Suthra and a student of Veda and my name is Sarma and I am following at thine feet.

Dig devatha vandanam Salutations to the Gods of Directions Salutation to the east.


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Welcome to Srivaishnava Cyber Satsangh anushhThaanam. Once the procedure is learned well this e material can be used as a learning aid. The mantras are in normal lettering and the procedure in in italic. The headings are coloured in Red. Itrans encoding scheme is used to spell the sanksrit mantras. Hope this humble attempt is of use to bhagavathas and please email adiyen of any inadvertant errors. For the sake of simplicity anganyasam and karanyasam etc are not discussed here.


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Yajurveda Sandhyavandanam


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