Otvorio je ladicu i izvadio koverat. Pokriven je i dvonedeljni otkazni rok. Ni ne znate koliko mi je posao potreban. Nikada nisam zakasnila i uvek sam obavljala posao bolje od svih drugih u mom odseku. Nama vas je poslala agencija za privremene poslove.

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Alpha is much different than many other Jasinda Wilder books. First off, it was her hottest book yet, but it also was missing something that Ive come to expect from her. The emotion. I always know when Im reading a Jasinda book, Ill have a major case of the feels and I love that!

This is more erotica, less emotional. You should go in with that in mind. Kyrie St. Claire has been struggling for years. Ever since her 3. Ever since her father was killed, she has been the provider for her family. Dealing with her mother and paying her and her brothers tuition has put her in the hole financially. Now she has just lost her job and she is screwed. The day that feels like the end for her and she finds a check. For the next 11 months, a new check comes.

In the memo of the check, one thing stands out- You belong to me. After the year is up, our Kyrie is collected to meet her benefactor. Our mystery man is very secretive. She remains blind folded in his presence. Kyrie is confused by her feelings. The more she talks to him, the more she feels like he really is no threat. That he is what he says he is. A very rich man who only wants her. Even when he tells her he has a secret, she looks past it, for now. A very deep, very dark secret.

One that affects us both, and one that will change the very fabric of our relationship. It takes time, but she begins to trust him and he can tell. She is spoiled by him, and he wants nothing but to please her.

He is sinfully sexy. And this book is seriously hot! But I want you crazy for me. I want you mad with need. I want you ready to explode from one touch. You have no idea. I never in a million years thought I would think this, but I felt like there was a little too much sex some of the time.

I know- right? Is that even possible? I wanted a little more from the story, especially towards the end. There were many parts I enjoyed- I liked watching the secrets unravel and I did enjoy the ending. You will always be mine. And I take care of what is mine. So if you do walk away Never again.


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