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This handbook describes in detail over 20 humanoid races that can be run as player characters - from mischevious pixies to stubborn minotaurs, from the lizardlike saurial to the savage half-ogre - and many more in between. In addition to many new character types, this handbook contains new proficiencies, humanoid kits, unusual equipment, and a few new surprises that will open worlds of adventure within any ongoing campaign. Move over, common adventurers, The Complete Book of Humanoids is here!

They might have missed this one. It recognizes that humanoid player characters are more than just humans in a bullywug suit, and it provided a wide range of racial options for players to try.

This supplement spread its net wide when giving rules for new races. More esoteric races were also included, such as giant-kin, half-ogres, pixies, saurials of many types, swanmays, and wemics. Many gain special advantages as well, of course, the most powerful of which are phased ingradually at certain hit dice.

Assembling Your Kit. Accompanying the racial information are 19 new kits for humanoids. The new kits are broken up between warrior, wizard, priest, and thief classes.

The kits are fairly low-fantasy, with entries like pit fighter, outlaw mage, shaman, and scavenger. A few transcend this, such as a re-introduction of the instant-killing assassin class under the less alarming name "shadow.

Is your character superstitious about noises, for instance? New arms and armor are detailed, and some excellent charts summarize all the new races in one place for easy reference. Slaviscek managed to fit an extraordinary amount of rules into a page volume, and did so in such a way that players are given a wealth of new options.

About the Creators. Please feel free to mail corrections, comments, and additions to kevin. Customers Who Bought this Title also Purchased.


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The Complete Book of Humanoids


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