Ich kann dieses Buch einfach jedem empfehlen. Lasst Euch von dem krassen Titel und Buchcover nicht abschrecken. Was sind giftige Eltern? Sie sind auch nur Menschen. Dabei ist es wie bei den Chemikalien, dass starke Stoffe bei einmaliger Verabreichung z. Ebenso, giftige Eltern agieren oft aus dem Schatten, indirekt und manipulativ.

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Shelves: owned-in-english , body-and-mind , ebook Our parents plant mental and emotional seeds in usseeds that grow as we do. In some families, these are seeds of love, respect, and independence. But in many others, they are seeds of fear, obligation, or guilt. As you grew into adulthood, these seeds grew into invisible weeds that invaded your life in ways you never dreamed of. Their tendrils may have harmed your relationships, your career, or your family; they have certainly undermined your self-confidence and self-esteem.

Few people make a Our parents plant mental and emotional seeds in us—seeds that grow as we do. Few people make a connection between their parents and their problems. This is a common emotional blind spot.

People simply have trouble seeing that their relationship with their parents has a major impact on their lives. A lot of people have difficult relationships with their parents. These are the parents who do the harm. What better word than toxic to describe parents who inflict ongoing trauma, abuse, and denigration on their children, and in most cases continue to do so even after their children are grown? The child is at the mercy of his godlike parents and, like the ancient Greeks, never knows when the next lightning bolt will strike.

But the child of toxic parents knows that the lightning is coming sooner or later. This fear becomes deeply ingrained and grows with the child. At the core of every formerly mistreated adult—even high achievers—is a little child who feels powerless and afraid. Whether adult children of toxic parents were beaten when little or left alone too much, sexually abused or treated like fools, overprotected or overburdened by guilt, they almost all suffer surprisingly similar symptoms: damaged self-esteem, leading to self-destructive behavior.

In one way or another, they almost all feel worthless, unlovable, and inadequate. Godlike parents make rules, make judgments, and make pain. When you deify your parents, living or dead, you are agreeing to live by their version of reality.

You are accepting painful feelings as a part of your life, perhaps even rationalizing them as being good for you. When you bring your toxic parents down to earth, when you find the courage to look at them realistically, you can begin to equalize the power in your relationship with them. To illustrate the concepts in this book, she has drawn heavily on case histories from her practice. Regardless of what kind of relationship you have with your parents, I highly recommend this book to everyone.

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Vergiftete Kindheit



"vergiftete" in English





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