Plot Edit Richard Sloan is worried when his cousin and best friend, Malley, fails to meet him for their regular nightly exploration of Loggerhead Beach , scouting for turtle nests. He, noticing a soda straw poking out of such a nest, Richard pulls it up and is surprised when a homeless man, " Skink ", bursts out of the sand and complains about Richard ruining his trap. Skink explains that a poacher has been stealing eggs from the nests at night; Skink has been lying in wait to "have a chat" with him. Richard apologizes and runs off. When Malley calls Richard, she admits that she has run away from home with a friend she met in an online chatroom , and warns Richard not to tell the truth to her parents.

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Fictional Biography[ edit ] Tyree served as Governor of Florida in the s. He was everything desirable in a candidate: a native of Florida, a college football star, and a decorated Vietnam veteran.

He was dazzlingly handsome, charismatic, and articulate. After he turned down a bribe from real estate developers, the developers assumed he was holding out for more money, and came back offering a larger bribe, along with a foolproof scheme for concealing the money.

To their astonishment, the governor not only refused again, but had them arrested in an F. It was boggling to think a sane person would even try. At first, Tyree was believed kidnapped, until a notarized letter of resignation was sent to the Capitol and verified by the FBI. Personal habits[ edit ] In the first book in which he appears, Skink lives in a tumbledown shack and occasionally hires his services as a bass fishing guide.

He survives mostly on roadkill cuisine , but sometimes fresh fish. He often has access to guns of various kinds. Army during Vietnam. His eyes were originally green, but he lost one in a beating from a trio of teenage thugs.

At various times he wears a bright orange rain poncho to keep from being hit on the highway while scooping up roadkills , a bright flowered shower cap, dungarees, military boots, a Rolling Stones t-shirt, and at one time a kilt made from a checkered racing flag.

After Tyree left office, Tile was one of the extremely few people from his days in Tallahassee he kept in touch with. In books where Skink appears, Tile usually appears too. He makes it a personal priority to stay around his old boss and vouch for his character on the rare occasions when Tyree needs a helping hand.

The two brothers went to Vietnam together. Doyle was discharged after a drunken joyride in a jeep led to a crash that killed his sergeant and inflicted serious head injuries on Doyle. The injuries, combined with guilt over the crash, led Doyle to suffer a nervous breakdown. After returning to the U. When Clinton became governor, he tracked his brother down and gave him a job and home as the keeper of the fictional Peregrine Bay Lighthouse near Hobe Sound.


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