Yoshimura knew that design problems occur when changes are made without the proper level of supporting documentation. He believes the implementation of DRBFM requires discipline and engagement of everyone to the one goal of adding value to the customer by meeting engineering functional requirements and customer expectations. Good Design[ edit ] The basis for reliability is not to change a design; therefore, Mr. Yoshimura believes that if a design changes, the change should occur in small increments. Disturbance to a design is caused by the discontinuity of implementing changes affecting the interfaces between parts and interactions between systems. The design should not be changed in two different places simultaneously, because making too many changes too fast has the potential to result in failures faster than our capacity to detect them.

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It is based off the approach that accidents are, considered to be, avoidable if found during the development of a design. Improper designs contribute to reduction in brand image, poor reliability and negative financial impacts. Many companies battle with the improvement process to mitigate design risk and often brainstorm updates to processes rather than determine actions to change the designs. With the use of GD3 and brainstorming techniques, it evaluates design and manufacturing with respect to the technical causes.

The method creates a robust format for problem solving. Soft benefits include higher employee morale and increased job satisfaction. This provides a map to ensure all levels of communication are addressed. These interactions contribute to including not only the designer, but the full system communication.

The following steps outline the process that applies mainly to intentional changes to designs, however can be applied to new designs while incorporating tools such as FMEA and FTA. Therefore, anything that is not understood at the feature or component change will be seen at higher level functions. FTA may be a useful tool for this part of the process. All causes identified are now reviewed by the designer to determine if they are associated with specific measures.

Our experienced team of highly trained professionals will provide a customized approach for developing your people and processes based on your unique DRBFM needs. Quality-One provides Knowledge, Guidance and Direction in Quality and Reliability activities, tailored to your unique wants, needs and desires.







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