Now it has the potential to revolutionise the world of the project studio. Now Euphonix have turned their hands to a pure control surface with no audio pathways, and in doing so, have attempted possibly the most ambitious surface ever devised: one with no ties to a specific platform or operating system, and a truly open-ended architecture. On most control surfaces, buttons, switches and, to a lesser extent, sliders and knobs have fixed purposes, or a limited set of alternatives. As mentioned before, they are also commonly locked to a limited number of platforms. With the MC Pro, Euphonix have torn up the rules for control-surface design, to create something completely flexible.

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The first plug-in is displayed on the knob. Releasing the footswitch does mnual. The corresponding track is selected in your application and highlighted on the Touchscreen. This was done to allow multiple users to share workstations without having to frequently edit their My Workstation list. Plug the footswitch in before pow- ering on the MC Control. This function varies with the application. Otherwise, insert the installation CD into your Macintosh.

The Manuwl field, ac- tive only when Jump to Page is selected, specifies the Page number. The Soft Keys dialog in Figure opens. It can then be recalled at a later time. No part of this publication may be reproduced, transmitted, transcribed, stored in a retrieval system, or translated into any language in any janual by any means without written permission from Euphonix, Inc. A dark grey button shows the track is muted.

HOME are shortcuts to the first and last banks, respectively. We recommend performing these simple tutorials of common tasks in the order presented. Figure Jog Wheel command editor 3. Ethernet cable instead of the crossover Ethernet cable supplied from a computer store. The Jog Wheel must be programmed to turn right and left. The center of the screen changes to reflect the selected Menu view. Dims the control room volume lit when dim is active.

Find kanual blank Soft Key and double-click it. This keeps the selected track assigned to the surface. Soft Keys to learn how to best work with and customize these powerful keys.

The Soft Key Command Editor dialog opens. Page 25 Page 26 — Jog Wheel, transport keys, and bottom-ri When a project is reopened, the first four tracks are assigned to the strips. The knob controls either Studio Monitor Express or an application that supports a EuCon monitor section.

The Soft Keys navigate through them. Media application controller single workstation 43 pages. Figure General tab 6. Figure Removing screws from the bottom panel 2. The SEL key lights yellow when the track is selected and is unlit otherwise. Press it again to unmute. TOP Related.



Jutilar Otherwise, insert the installation CD into your Macintosh. Media application controller single workstation 43 pages. The type of command is set in the left column under Details. Plug the footswitch in before pow- ering on the MC Control.


Euphonix MC Mix User Manual

Vubar But aside from audio, I also use it to control other desktop programs. Enter text from picture: Click the uephonix icon in the menu bar and select EuControl Settings. Select Jog from the Wheel popup menu. Got it, continue to print. Special rates available for digitization projects.

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